Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wild Blackberry in Bloom

This is the Himalayan blackberry (very common around here), easy to recognize with its beautiful purple canes ;). The brambles are just starting to bloom.
I'm looking forward to our first blackberry harvest in July...These berries are so sweet and juicy, and what a great medicinal plant!


Sarah said...

You don't have to wait for the fruit to harvest your blackberry. You can make a useful flower essence from the flowers, dry the leaves for stomach upsets and harvest the roots for "the runs". Take a look at my Herb Society article if you'd like some recipes.

Alchemille said...

I have used blackberry medicinally for many years and still do (see my older posts).
I even harvest the leaves in Fall/Winter when they turn purple.
I don't do/use flower essences because they don't resonate with me and I'd rather have these blackberry flowers pollinated by the bees.
Anyway, this specific post was about looking forward to the ripening and harvest of the berries...



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