Thursday, January 07, 2010

Agave syrup: the good, the bad & the ugly

Like a lot of people I've been attracted to agave syrup because it's a natural and low GI sweetener. I've always found it a little too sweet and when I tasted it pure, it left a weird sensation in the back of my throat (a little like the tingling/burning sensation you get when having pure honey with a sore or irritated throat)...But I used it nonetheless, for baked goods mostly.

Then I learned that it wasn't liver friendly and with my history of hypoglycemia (and sensitive liver), I stopped using it right away.

Now I know that agave syrup is not raw (but highly refined), not natural, not traditional and...not even healthy! Just another sketchy "healthy" sweetener on the market...

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year's Resolutions for 2010

A few dreams to realize and a few things to improve:
  1. Write and self-publish my book (which includes translations, illustrations and more), hopefully within the year
  2. Start exercising more regularly (may need to find a suitable routine)
  3. Continue to cook nourishing foods & make herbal medicine (while spending a little less time in the kitchen)
  4. Continue to explore the wonderful world of fermented foods & beverages
  5. Start meditating again to find balance, soothe my nerves & be less grouchy
  6. Use my time more wisely
  7. Be more organized
  8. Be more positive & joyful
  9. Let my inner child out & be true to myself
  10. Be more creative
  11. Learn more about the energetics of foods & herbs
  12. Watch less TV and start reading my 500+ books
  13. Stop buying books (unless absolutely necessary)
  14. Start sewing & knitting more
  15. Start painting & drawing again
  16. Make more time to take care of myself...Naturally!
  17. Make my little kitchen garden thrive
  18. Be a little bit less introspective
  19. Be more loving
  20. Find my dream home with a garden and/or woods nearby
  21. Work more deeply with Nature & the Spirit Worlds
  22. Indulge very reasonably (not everyday) with homemade, natural & sugar free sweets (using very low amounts of dried fruits, honey, dark maple syrup, date molasses, coconut sugar/syrup or boiled cider)
  23. Continue to make homemade chocolates ;)
  24. Continue living simply, honestly, naturally and a bit more thrifty & frugally
  25. Simply live & be!...


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