Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Latest Creation / Ma Dernière Création

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been doing a little bit of sewing lately. For this scarf, I got inspired by a Japanese sewing book. I used a white vintage lace I've had for many years (without knowing what to do with it), a green scalloped lace and some sheer peach fabric (polyester maybe) that I have left from the costumes I made for Tales from Beyond (Nex's Diner part) a few years ago.
I'm quite pleased with the result, which I find very poetic. I made this scarf for myself but I plan on making other ones in a similar style soon...

Comme j'ai déjà mentionné dans mon précédent billet, je me suis remise à la couture. Pour cette charpe, je me suis inspirée d'un livre de couture Japonais. J'ai utilisé une vieille dentelle blanche que j'avais depuis des années (sans avoir quoi en faire), une dentelle verte plus moderne et un tissu semi-transparent couleur pêche (du polyester je suppose) qui me restait des costumes que j'ai fait il y a quelques années pour Tales from Beyond (la partie Nex's Diner).
Je suis assez satisfaite du résultat que je trouve très poétique. J'ai fait cette écharpe pour moi mais je pense en faire d'autres dans un style similaire très bientôt...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Handmade Life...

Lately my artistic self (which I have neglected for a few years now) has been wanting to express itself. I've always been the artist of the family: painting, drawing, writing poetry and novels, sewing, knitting...
It was a time when herbalism, health & cooking (which I also love) were secondary. Over the years, they've taken the first place and I had to put my needles & paintbrushes aside.
But I've had enough! I feel like my imagination (and my inner world) has been taken over by everyday life & chores. And I want it back!
I have tons of fabrics and yarns waiting to be used...And I just ordered a couple Japanese sewing books (with very cute clothing patterns) so that I can redo my wardrobe using my stock of fabrics (and who knows, if I make something nice enough for me maybe I can offer to make it for somebody else?) ;).
I also started to knit a short sleeve sweater using a couple knitting looms and some old acrylic yarns with a mohair feel (I'm not a big fan of acrylic but these were nice looking yarns and I've had them for several years now without knowing what to do with them). I wasn't sure I'd have enough yarn for a long sleeve sweater and I'm also new at loom knitting...But so far, my little project is looking good ;).
I haven't forgotten about my book project but the original idea is evolving. I want it to be truly me and something I can be proud of. So if it means taking more time that I originally thought I needed, so be it...

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Alchemille's Garden - February 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
Spring is approaching slowly but surely and we are already celebrating its arrival at Alchemille's Garden!

To celebrate Love, not only at Valentine's Day but all year long!
The Love Potion is a blend of pesticide-free rose petals, pesticide-free jasmine blossoms, organic lavender & organic cinnamon.

For the new season, I also recommend the following teas:
  1. Madame Butterfly: a blend of white tea with lilac, pesticide-free rose petals & pesticide-free jasmine blossoms.
  2. Morning by the Countryside: 100% organic, caffeine free and hand blended with organic lemon thyme, organic spearmint, organic sweet marjoram, organic basil and organic rosehips (And a personal favorite that deserves to be better known!)
  3. Cottage Fairy Blend: organic spearmint, organic sweet marjoram, organic lemon verbena and pesticide-free rose petals.
All these teas (and more) can be found here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Alchemille?section_id=5096792

  1. Calendula Spring Balm: a natural lip balm that protects and moisturizes your lips. The Spring balm is herbally infused with calendula, which is one of the most gentle & healing herbs an herbalist can have ;).
  2. The Dryad Cream: inspired by the Dryads, which are tree nymphs/female tree spirits in the Greek Mythology. Handmade with organic sweet almond oil, plum kernel oil, wildcrafted mango butter, unrefined beeswax, organic aloe vera gel & vitamin E (a natural antioxidant & preservative). This cream has a natural almondy scent that I love!
  3. Spring Fairy Facial Elixir: this wonderful facial oil contains sunflower oil, camellia oil, organic rosehip seed oil, plum kernel oil and a touch of vitamin E (natural preservative and antioxidant).
For more details & health benefits, go to: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Alchemille?section_id=5101995

*THE SPRING TEA SUBSCRIPTION IS NOW AVAILABLE* and covers the months of April, May & June.
It includes the following teas:
  1. April: French Riviera (rooibos, rose petals, lavender, rosehips & calendula)
  2. May: Timeless Tea (white tea, rose petals & lavender)
  3. June: Tisane de Provence (thyme, rosemary, lavender & lemon balm)
I offer seasonal tea subscriptions so that you, fellow tea afficionado, can enjoy each month a different tea, a different taste and a different experience. These tea subscriptions also make a nice gift.

ONE SEASON OF TEA” is a seasonal subscription that allows you to receive 3 months worth of freshly blended natural/organic tea (3 2oz glass jars w/reusable organic cotton muslin bags).
The first shipment will take place during the first month of the chosen season.
Feel free to contact me if you have any question or if you are interested in a yearly subscription.

The Winter Tea Subscription is still available (January, February, March).
For more info about the Tea Subscriptions, go to: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Alchemille?section_id=5038245

Last but not least, I now offer textile/knit jewelry items, made upon request/special order only.
Here's my first necklace: WILD PLUM

Herbal Blessings,



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