Monday, May 04, 2009

Mondays in the Kitchen...

I don't usually have much time for cooking and baking during the weekend. So I end up doing my cooking on Monday: essentials for the week, planning of meals, how to use and preserve fresh produce before they go bad, what do do with leftovers, yogurts, broths, soups...etc

Since I know this is going to be a warm week and I have half a jug of organic apple juice in the fridge, I figured it was a good time to prepare a paleo apple sorbet (see the "Apple Ice Kreme" recipe).

I also baked some breakfast crunchies, since we don't buy commercial cereals anymore. I don't miss them but my husband does. And they make a quick, convenient breakfast with a little raw/nut milk + fresh & dried fruits. I also use these crunchies in trail mixes and as snacks.

I also enjoy having a slice or two of GF bread (see Bread on a Gluten Free Diet for recipes). This time I tried a different recipe: Quinoa Cornbread with soaked/sprouted quinoa. I usually freeze slices for later use.

I bought some cherries at the farmers market (the first cherries of the season) and they will probably end up in a clafoutis...I used to bake all sorts of clafoutis in France and before becoming gluten intolerant. It's not easy finding a decent GF clafoutis recipe, I intend to give this one a try:

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Jenny @ Nourished Kitchen said...

I love clafoutis too. We make them fairly regularly once the cherries start appearing in late June and early July. That apple sorbet looks really fun. I bet it's something my 3-yo would love.



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