Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I have 3 teas with 3 different and distinct flavors & aromas:

-BRITTANIA, inspired from British brews, reminds a little bit of Earl Grey with a twist and a floral touch. The presence of rooibos tempers the caffeine. Enjoy this tea with or without fog...

-FEMME FLEUR is a fairy-like floral blend. Soft, light, slightly sweet and...enchanting. A timeless blend!

-ZEN COFFEE looks like coffee, smells like coffee and even tastes like coffee but believe it or not, it's a tea! And almost caffeine-free with a hint of spice. If you like tasty surprises, you should give it a try.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


My friend Marie hosts an Alternative Healing Arts Fair on:
Sunday August 5th 2007 from 11am to 5pm

813 Torrance Blvd,
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 944-3780

Come, learn about and experience Shamanic Healings, Polarity, Qigong, Reiki, Massage, Ear Candling, Aqua Chi, Footbath, Kangen Water...etc

And I'll be there with my teas ;)...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Inspiration from a fellow wise woman...

"I am a medicine woman.
I walk softly on the earth. I walk in balance, feet bared to rushing waters, sharp rocks and soft grasses. I embrace the pleasure and the pain. I am the Mother’s Joy, and the Mother is my Joy.

I am a medicine woman.
I am the guardian and the messenger of the sacred earth. I listen to the songs on the wind And sing them alive. The rocks and the trees, they speak to me. I seek the misty inbetweenness. I journey up, down and around the unseen world to bring healing home.

I am a medicine woman.
The plants are my teachers, and my friends. They show me how to heal and how to help those in need. I am an alchemist.

I am a medicine woman.
I create sacred community- bridging between women and men, the plants, the animals, the earth and the sky. Sing songs of remembrance- songs of the ancestors. I live with the old ways and create the new. I am a medicine woman. I have not forgotten."

by Darcey Blue French (visit her blog

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

FAIRY KISSES Artisan Lip Balm

I am currently updating my catalog with new products that I believe, reflect more my personality, my passions and aspirations.
This lip balm is one of the novelties of my catalog. It's handmade with Kalahari Melon Seed oil, unrefined beeswax and honey...Nothing else added, nothing else needed ;)!
This Melon Seed oil has a natural sweet and fruity fragrance and is a very moisturizing, skin quenching oil. Women of the Namib Desert, one of the driest places on Earth, use this oil to keep their skin moist and healthy looking.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Wild and Wise News #3 : Lammas Celebration

Lammas is approaching slowly but surely and to celebrate the beginning of the season of harvests, some members of the Wild & Wise Collective have expressed their inspiration and creativity through wonderful and unique natural products:

-Night from ShaktiStudios was inspired by Lady Igraine who was a Priestess of Avalon skilled in prophecy, the second sight, healing and also in touch with her loved ones through dreams and projection. Night created a pair of Sterling silver Celtic Knotwork earrings with fiery Carnelian gemstone drops.
-Michelle from violetroseherbals, who just joined us, created some Lammas Cleansing Grains and Face Mask which is an earthy & complex blend of cornmeal, oats, buckwheat, rhassoul clay, kaolin clay, goldenrod, mugwort, yarrow, calendula, marshmallow root, lavender and tea tree oil.
-Piper from WhimsyHollow made some pretty glycerine based cold processed soaps with oats, cornmeal and a nice berry fragrance to celebrate the spirit of the season.
-I blended an organic Lammas tea with green rooibos, oatstraw, rosemary, orange peel and cinnamon. These herbs are ruled by the earth and the sun. I also introduced my first jewelry pieces (Rising Stone Jewelry) that I called MAIZE which are made of embossed red clay with a corn motif.
I hope you'll enjoy our creations and thank you for browsing ;).

Thursday, July 12, 2007

First jewelry pieces...

I thought the Lammas creative challenge was a good opportunity to make my first pieces for Rising Stone Jewelry. Since it is about celebrating the first harvest, my items are very earthy.

I made a MAIZE ring and a pair of matching MAIZE earrings made of red clay embossed with a corn kernel motif. They have been lightly varnished to strenghten the clay and give a little shine. I also added touches of gold and copper paint.

These unique items have been created to celebrate Lammas, the beginning of Harvest. The red clay symbolizes Mother Earth.The corn/maize is a symbol of the Sacred Mother, Giver of Life. The Corn Mother is the provider of abundance and fertility. Corn is also associated with divination, harmony with cycles, life force, blessings and protection.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lammas Tea

I like throwing creative challenges with the Wild & Wise Collective...We usually do that to celebrate the seasons and the wheel of the year. So we currently have a Lammas challenge going on.

I created a Lammas tea with organic herbs ruled by the Sun & the Earth. It's a blend of green rooibos, oatstraw, rosemary, orange peel and cinnamon. Gentle and aromatic with a very pleasant taste.

Next week I should post the creations of my fellow wise women for this Lammas challenge.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding

Like many people, I've tried a few meditation techniques before finding which one worked best for me. Personally, the candle flame thing never worked. I enjoyed using a landscape picture and let my mind wander through the landscape. I became advanced enough to feel the wind, smell the earth and even hear animals. The next step was a more mediumnistic technique involving an imaginary place where I would meet spirits...which led me later to my shamanic path.

The great thing about this book though, it that it uses many different techniques for different purposes. These techniques are drawn from various traditions such as Buddhism, Kabbalah, Wicca and Native American just to name a few. The book starts with an introduction to meditation and how to prepare yourself and your sacred space. Then there is a meditation directory covering the following:
-Calming and centering
-Living mindfully
-Healing body, mind and spirit
-Get moving
-Love and compassion
-Manifesting your dreams
-Connecting to the divine

Meditation doesn't require any special gift and can help you relax & heal physically and mentally during hard times (from my own experience). Here's an example of vocal meditation called "Healing through Toning" which can help you release tension, uplift your spirit and heal the body. It has an energizing effect:
"Find a place where you are alone and out of the earshot of others.

1/Stand with your feet well grounded and your shoulders and arms relaxed. Begin to hum into your centre; it may be your lower abdomen or your heart area. Gradually feel your hum expand throughout your entire body. Hum into your bones, muscles and internal organs.

2/Allow your hum to open gradually into a full-voiced sound or tone, and continue to feel it resonating throughout your whole body.

3/Ask what needs to be healed. Visualize any toxins being expelled through your feet. Continue toning into any area of your body needing release or healing. Make any sounds your want. Let them arise spontaneously. Imagine that your toning is connected with the vibrations of the entire universe.

4/When you feel ready, end your toning meditation. Stand quietly for a moment and affirm that your body is completely healed and rejuvenated."

Who said meditation was boring? ;)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Rhassoul & Castille Body Wash

This is a head to toe natural body wash, it is so gentle that you can use it on face, hair and body. Very easy to prepare, you only need 3 ingredients: liquid castille soap, rhassoul clay and a floral water of your choice.

Castille soap is made with saponified olive oil, it's very gentle and can be used on sensitive skin. Most commercial soaps and shampoos are drying and abrasive...This is not the case of castille soap which can also be used for washing babies and pets. Rhassoul clay gently exfoliates dead skin cells, softens the skin and is effective for oily hair and dandruff. Floral waters are soothing to the skin and impart a nice natural fragrance which is far from overpowering.

You'll need:
-A 8 oz plastic bottle (easy to grab, shake and squeeze)
-6 oz of (organic) liquid castille soap
-2 oz of (organic) floral water/hydrosol of your choice (I like using rosewater or orange blossom water, but you can also use a fragrant herbal infusion)
-1 tbsp of rhassoul clay
-optional for dry skin/hair types: 1 tbsp of (organic) oil of your choice (my favorites are: olive oil, argan oil, shea oil)
-A funnel
-A whisk

In a bowl whisk the rhassoul with a little bit of castille soap until perfectly blended. Pour the mixture inside the bottle. Add the remaining castille soap and the floral water. Close the lid and...voila!

You may need to shake the bottle before use because the rhassoul tends to go to the bottom of the bottle. Other than that...enjoy ;)!

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Introducing Rising Stone Jewelry...

I have Alchemille's Garden for the teas, Natura Botanica for the body care...I thought it was the right time for a third and complementary line of natural jewelry.

Rising Stone Jewelry is inspired by Nature and the 4 Elements which determine the choice and variety of materials used: from stones, to clay, to botanicals, metals...etc. Rising Stone Jewelry is primitive, ephemeral, wild, poetic...and without pretention.

These earthy jewels can be worn everyday as well as for special occasions but in any case, they won't be unnoticed and will quickly become conversational pieces ;). They will help you reconnect with Nature, the Goddess, the Ancestors...and the Wild Woman within you.

For this new line, I opened a new shop which will soon display my creations: ...Thanks for checking!



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