Monday, September 15, 2014

A Little Bit of Earthy Poetry...

As a teenager who grew up in France, I used to enjoy reading and writing poetry. I was and still am a big fan of Victor Hugo, the master of words ;).

Today I guess I felt inspired to write some poetry again, this time in English...


The Earth talks to those who wish to listen. 
Tales of epic battles, lost loves, forgotten knowledge and timeless wisdom.

The Earth talks with dirt and leaves, stones and bones 
From a time before time, a time and place beyond...

The Earth talks and whispers to your ears secrets that reason doesn't want you to know.
Hidden treasures in your memory, past lives, ancestors in your blood and bones.

The Earth talks, forget about reason,
Use your senses, feel its pulse in a heartbeat.

The Earth talks...Will you just listen?



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