Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm giving a Lecture about the Runes THIS Saturday

I'm giving a FREE lecture on the topic of the Runes Saturday, May 3rd from 5pm to 6pm at The Path.

"TALK ABOUT WYRD! Demystifying the Runes"
An introduction to the mysterious, mystical & magical Scandinavian Runes.
We will discuss the theories of their origin, what they are, their uses (divination, self-knowledge, healing...etc) and what they can do.

See you there ;).

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Inner Alchemy of Spring

"I am the Spirit of Air. I am the Spirit of communication and of initiation. I am in all new beginnings, in all new seeds that grow. I am in the springtime as the new growth cycle begins, I am in the words that are spoken and the thoughts that are open. I am the Spirit of change, blowing away old concepts, old limitations and old ideas, making way for new understanding, new perceptions and new shifts in awareness. I am my conscious breath. I am my conscious communication, speaking truth and seeking Unity, initiating positive and healthy new beginnings.

I am the Spirit of Fire, bringing passion and inspiration to new beginnings! I am spontaneity and the freedom to run and, to celebrate expansion and self-expression. I am laughter and joy. I am the warmth of the Sun and the active growth cycle. I am action, the generosity of giving. I am active energy seeking Unity. I unite my outer Fire with my inner Sacred Fire to bring transformation from within to inspire actions out in the world.

I am the Spirit of Water, the fluidity and quickening of Life. I am the flowing power of the spiral, the vortex, the self-cleansing energy of movement. I am the Spirit and Life of healing that flows and seeks equilibrium. I am the rain that swells the new seeds so that they grow. I am the fertility of reflection. I am the power of the heart, the fuel of Love that creates freedom of movement through loving actions and through release of the emotions. I am receptivity and intuition seeking Unity, so that all things find balance and equilibrium.

I am the Spirit of Earth, awakening energy of the land. I am the stabilizing force, bringing new Life from Union. I am the potent force, the Fertile Force and the creation force seeking Unity. I am alive, the living Spirit of Gaia, and I bring transformation and change, death and rebirth in continuous cycles. I am the Spirit of regeneration and I am the continuous Spirit of new Life and growth.

I am Spirit in all things, the interconnected Web of Life. I am Unconditional Love and Light, the spark of Life and creation, the Source of Life. I am Limitless, Infinite, Eternal, the Omnipresent, Quintessence. I am Unity. I am Within and Without. I am the circle, open and yet unbroken, encompassing the All and the Nothing. I am."

From "Earth Alchemy" by Glennie Kindred

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

On Healing & Illness...

"Healing and illness are part of the same thing. Illness is energy that is disconnected from Unity and has become stuck. All things are connected and our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves contribute to any illness and therefore all contribute to the healing. Like a magnet our consciousness draws towards us what we truly believe. Ideas attract, as do strong convictions or beliefs and strong intentions. We attract illness and we attract healing. Releasing our trapped and buried emotions breathes Life into the healing process, creates movement, flow and freedom to find equilibrium again. From this comes new Life, the gift of continuance.

Illness can be transmuted. Healing can be instant. I have experienced this miracle and know that it is possible. Healing begins when all separations dissolve, bringing a reconnection to the Oneness of Life. Positive thoughts open our psyches to healing. Body, mind and Soul are connected by imagination, and imagery can alter the intelligence of our cells. Either subconsciously or consciously, we are always in communication with every part of ourselves and every cell responds to the messages we are sending every day. From this perspective we are our own Fertile Force for healing; we are own own healers."

From "Earth Alchemy - A Dynamic Fusion Between Alchemy and the Eight Celtic Festivals" by Glennie Kindred 

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Sound of Silence OR 3 Months Without Computer...And the Latest News.

Some of you may have thought that this blog was really dead this time! Surprise, I'm back!
Zenseer's Secret Garden is like a phoenix rebirthing itself from its ashes...

A lot of things have happen, some good, some less good, but a lot of personal reflection has occurred for sure.

The Runes remains part of my life that I believe is going to become increasingly more important as I develop other Runic abilities, gifts and specialties. Don't get me wrong, I'm still very much into Runic Energy Healing but I believe I need to have access & learn about the full spectrum range of their uses to fully understand and use them (though I am fully aware that it is a lifetime occupation and even then I'd have only scratched the surface of their secrets).

Divination is what comes first to mind when one talks about the Runes. Yep, I know I tried to avoid it somehow but it is an unavoidable aspect of the Runes. I think that avoidance has to do mostly with self doubt though I've done many intuitive readings for friends and family. Maybe it also has to do about sticking too much to the traditional/scholar interpretations of the same Runes that is blocking me. Yet I know full well that interpretation is personal, Runes have an energetic imprint that rings differently from one person to another.

Anyway! I have decided to learn & train myself in Runic Palmistry (but shhh! It's still a bit of a secret). The little I have already learned about it is amazingly right on target! Plus it's fun ;).

Projects and ideas I have plenty! Now it's all about organizing these ideas and see what is worthwhile pursuing and developing. We'll see what the next few months have in store for me...

Now if the topic of Runes interest you, here are a few dates to mark in your calendar:
  1. Saturday, April 12th (this weekend), I have a FREE Runic Energy Event at The Path Spiritual Learning Center, from 3pm to 5pm. More details HERE.
  2. For those of you who don't know much about the Runes but would like to learn a few things about them, I will have a FREE Lecture scheduled on Saturday, May 3rd from 5pm to 6pm about "Demystifying the Runes" in which I will discuss their origin, what they are, what they are used for, etc... More details HERE. It's also at The Path in Redondo Beach, CA.
  3. I am still available at The Path on Wednesday and Saturday Afternoons for Runic Energy Healing sessions By Appointment Only. Please feel free to contact Marie at The Path or myself to schedule an appointment.
Meanwhile I will make a conscious effort to make this blog a little bit more lively, which shouldn't be a problem now that I have a brand new computer ;).

I thank you for your support, dear readers, and for continuing to follow it. Though I admit that I've been spending a bit more time on Facebook these past few months. There are a few things I only post there so if you're interested to follow me on Facebook as well, here's where you can find me: Zenseer WalkingCrow .


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