Monday, May 11, 2009

Mondays in the Kitchen...

Summer is already here.
At the Farmers Market, you can already find the first Summer fruits: strawberries, cherries even melons! I will have a little longer for peaches and figs.
One of my goals is to learn more about preserving techniques (including lacto-fermentation) to be able to make my own preserves and enjoy the Summer's bounty even during Winter time.
I am pretty much done with Summer planting in the kitchen garden (all my pots are taken).
We should have some greens (including New Zealand Spinach which thrives on heat), a few vegetables (heirloom tomatoes, blue jade corn - it's the first time I grow corn!), berries (raspberries, gooseberries, blackcurrants and alpine strawberries), fruits (figs - maybe later in the season, sweet lemons and Minnesota midget cantaloupes - also my first time growing melons) as well as herbs (culinary & medicinal) and a few flowers.
I hope to have a decent harvest so that I can depend a little less on the Farmers Market (which offers better quality and usually better deals than the grocery store).

Anyway, here's my Gluten Free Meal Planning for the Week:

Breakfast: Soaked muesli with yogurt, fruits and nuts
Dinner: Vegetable quiche
>Bake coconut flour bread, slice and freeze for later
>Soak sunflower seeds overnight

Breakfast: (Green) Smoothie
Dinner: Sauteed rice and veggies with veal scallopinis
>In the morning: bake "Mock" Oatmeal Cookies with soaked sunflower seeds ("Mother Necessity - Gluten Free/Casein Free Recipes" by Cristin Fergus)
>Bake blueberry muffins with coconut flour ("Cooking with Coconut Flour" by Bruce Fife)

Breakfast: Blueberry coconut muffins with yogurt
Dinner: Polenta lasagna with salad greens

Breakfast: "Mock" oatmeal cookie granola with yogurt and fruits
Dinner: Rustic SCD or cauliflower pizza
>Prepare avocado pudding
>Make filmjolk yogurt

Breakfast: Coconut flour bread with jam and yogurt
Dinner: Steaks with rice pasta and homemade tomato sauce
>Soak raw buckwheat groats overnight

Breakfast: Overnight buckwheat pancakes (blender batter)
Lunch: Omelet with salad
Dinner: TBD
>Freeze leftover pancakes
>Soak muesli overnight with yogurt
>Prepare coconut griddle cakes

Breakfast: Soaked muesli with yogurt, "mock" oatmeal cookie granola and fruits
Lunch: Homemade burgers with coconut griddle cakes (paleo buns)
Dinner: TBD


Son of Grok said...

How did the Griddle Cakes work out as hamburger buns?

The SoG

Alchemille said...

That didn't work for me.
Probably because I used coconut flour instead of grinding shredded coconut and then I must have made the batter to liquidy.
I believe that a coconut flour pancake would probably do the trick just fine ;).



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