Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Book of the Month : Healing Teas from around the World

I highly recommend getting "Healing Teas from around the World" by Sylvia Schneider with a foreword by Terry Willard.
This is not just another book on teas or herbs...This book makes you travel through time and space. You'll learn about the history, lore, philosophy, medicine systems (humors, elements...etc) and principal herbs used in China, Japan, India, Tibet, Arabia, the Americas and Europe. You'll also learn how to use these herbs, what they can do for you and there are quite a few recipes for you to try at your own leisure.
I really enjoyed the Europe section where the medieval medicinal tradition is mentioned along with the Witches' and Wise Woman traditions (a clear separation has been made and the materia medica is not the same)....And the alchemical tradition (alchemy deals with herbs too)!
Overall an interesting and useful read...



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