Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nourishing & Gluten Free Meal Planning

I'm currently reading Ramiel Nagel's book "Cure Tooth Decay - Heal & Prevent Cavities with Nutrition". It's really a no non-sense book and I am very impressed with it. My teeth have paid the price of several years of hidden gluten intolerance, refined flours and sugar (my hypoglycemia didn't help).
Now I'm focusing on healing my teeth (and my body) with nutrition, especially since the last 2-3 months. And believe it on not but my teeth are already doing better. My front teeth were almost transparent due to demineralization/enamel loss and now they are almost completely opaque. I still experience some gum sensitivity (especially since I've had dental work done on my teeth) but I believe it is improving too.
I also decided to cut on natural sugars, keeping them to a minimum and I feel much better. My liver isn't cranky anymore. I was worried that my hypoglycemia would strike back but it isn't the case. I don't even crave chocolate or desserts anymore. I used to have tea with honey several times a day, now I've replaced honey with coconut sugar (except at night). I try to have nourishing and satisfiying meal so that I don't feel hungry or crave anything later.
When I need a snack I usually go for one or more of the followings: yogurt, fruits/berries, nuts/seeds, unsweetened applesauce, nut/seed milk.
I've also increased my protein and fat intakes but don't do/feel well with large amounts of those.

Here's my Nourishing Meal Planning for the Week:

Breakfast: Coconut flour & blue cornmeal bread (adapted from "Cooking with Coconut Flour" by Bruce Fife) with yogurt and berries
Lunch: TBD
Dinner: Vegetable quiche
>Freeze leftover cornbread for later
>Soak Scottish oats overnight
>Soak sunflower seeds overnight

Breakfast: Soaked oatmeal with raw milk and berries
Dinner: SCD shepherd's pie with mashed cauliflower, sweet potato or butternut squash crust
>Thaw ground lamb
>Make sunflower seed milk
>Make almond flour crackers
>Soak raw buckwheat groats & wild rice overnight

Breakfast: Overnight buckwheat & wild rice pancakes
Dinner: Rustic coconut flour pizza or almond flour pizza with salad
>Freeze leftover pancakes for later
>Soak muesli overnight with yogurt

Breakfast: Overnight muesli with yogurt, fruits and nuts
Dinner: Grain free zucchini beef lasagna (adapted from "Healing Foods" by Sandra Ramacher)
>Thaw ground beef

Breakfast: Smoothie with yogurt or nut/seed milk
Dinner: Quinoa & rice blend with grilled fish & sauteed vegetables
>Soak quinoa and brown rice
>Thaw fish

Breakfast: Quick paleo pancakes with matsoni yogurt and berries
Lunch: Omelet with vegetables & raw cheese
Dinner: TBD
>Soak Scottish oats overnight
>Soak almonds overnight
>Freeze leftover pancakes for later

Breakfast: Soaked oatmeal with raw/nut milk and fruits
Lunch: Bean burgers (adapted from "Healing Foods" by Sandra Ramacher)
Dinner: TBD
>Prepare and freeze bean burgers for later use
>Make almond milk

Other nourishing foods to prepare throughout the week include:
-Homemade matsoni yogurt with raw milk
-Nut/seed milks
-Nourishing herbal infusions
-Beef broth
-Nut & GF grain flours
-Coconut flour bread (from "Cooking with Coconut Flour" by Bruce Fife)

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