Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teachings from the Birds

I have a lot of birds coming to my porch to feed and rest; mainly house finches and mourning doves. The doves are elegant, shy and zen masters when they don't get scared.
The finches are hyperactive and quite noisy at times but they're fun to watch and they are good company ;).

I've spent some time watching the finches, they are very social birds. Their mating ritual is very cute: the fluffy female whistles and shake her plumage to get the male's attention and to be fed by him.

I have also noticed that these birds truly care for each other whether they are related or not. A handicapped or sick bird will be helped, watched over and even fed by another bird. I've seen it happen today again: there was a female finch on the porch that seemed sick and/or tired. She stayed there for a while, leaning on her right side. Then I saw a male expressing some concern (he had already a mate) : he looked at her and fed her a few times (and this was no mating ritual) before he left.

I was worried about this little female too, wondering if I should come out and try to help her. Thankfully, after a little while, she managed to feed and drink then explored the porch a little and took off.

This shows that birds (and other animals as well) are socially organized, interact will intelligence (they are not genetically predisposed to act a certain way unlike what my philosophy teacher used to say...that man obviously never had a pet) and communicate in many ways probably beyond our understanding (I suspect some form of telepathy and a common consciousness).

I believe animals know more about being human (and humane) then we do...WE are the animals, the savages!

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