Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alchemille's June & July Newsletter

Dear Friends,
Summer is now here (hope you had a wonderful Solstice) and the sun is shining over our heads (make sure to stay well hydrated - think ice tea and lemonade - and to protect your skin).

I know I've been quiet for some time but good things come out of silence ;). For the past few weeks, I have been working on the writing of my first book which will be a collection of short stories. My goal is to publish it by September, in French first (which is my language after all) then I plan on translating the book into English. That's what is keeping me busy lately...I enjoy writing very much, it's like a rebirth for me. I've always loved books and the power of imagination. The perspective of becoming a writer/storyteller is very exciting!

What can be better than a good book & a cup of tea?

Now as far as teas go, I have currently have most of my Summer selection listed (I will add a few more very soon) : French Riviera, Marrakesh Express, Tisane de Provence, Love Potion, Tisane Indienne (great hot or cold)...Just to name a few ;).

I also have my "One Season of Tea" - Summer Tea Subscription available (July to September) which includes:
Marrakesh Express (green tea, spearmint, peppermint and rose petals), Nights in Provence (lemon balm and lavender) and Caravan Chai (rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves)...Note that these will also be listed individually.
>>The Spring subscription is still available until the end of June (the teas are also listed individually)<<
I also plan to develop new tea blends inspired by literature: either writers, stories, poems or fictional characters (maybe some from my book-in-writing too)...This can be fun and I'm sure you'll enjoy these blends too.

Herbally Yours (as always),

On the Selfishness & Heartlessness of People

I don't know why people are living in a bubble with blinders. They refuse to see the pain, the suffering, the hunger, the disease and the distress of people and animals around them.
What are they so afraid of: germs or emotional binding?
What scares me the most is to see that children are getting cold and disconnected from the world, immune to everything that makes them children: curiosity, hunger for knowledge, joy of living, compassion, empathy...etc
I'd like to hope that hard times would bring something else than the darkest out of people...


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