Monday, April 30, 2007

Alchemille's Spring News #2 "DOWN TO EARTH"

As I said in the previous newsletter there have been lots of changes and novelties that have kept me busy for a while. I named this newsletter "Down to Earth" because most of my new body care items have a Moroccan and African inspiration and contain natural ingredients such as Moroccan Argan oil, Tanzanian Baobab oil, Namibian Melon seed oil or Moroccan Rhassoul clay (what is more earthy than clay?) just to name a few.

My latest creation (that, I must admit, was lingering in my mind for a while) is my wonderful Sultana Body Scrub. It's pure natural goodness, very gentle and naturally scented (no fragrance or perfume oil involved). This scrub is a blend of fine sea salt, organic extra virgin olive oil, Moroccan rhassoul clay, Damask rose powder, ground cinnamon, ground cloves and organic vanilla extract. You can smell the spices but the scent is far from overpowering and I love the fact that a light cinnamon scent lingers on the skin afterwards :).

I am equally proud of L'Aziza Facial Elixir and Sem'sema Skin Elixir. L'Aziza, which means beautiful in arabic, is a blend of Moroccan argan oil and rosehip seed oil infused with pesticide-free rose petals and/or rose geranium leaves (I grow the rose geranium myself since dried leaves are not commercially sold). I recommend L'Aziza for normal to dry and mature skin types. You just need a few drops. It can be used alone or with your usual moiturizer.
Sem'sema is a head-to-toe moisturizer hand blended with the 3 oils I mentioned above. You can use it as a conditioning hair oil, a face oil, a body oil and even a massage oil. Very practical, useful and non-greasy!
If you wish to know more about all these oils, feel free to visit my website's glossary:

There are people who like oils, those who like creams and those who like lotions. I happen to have a little bit of everything for everybody :) and new items as well. Let me introduce you to my Crème de Sultane Face Cream, a smooth cream and little luxury with Moroccan argan oil and floral waxes...Or my Wise Woman del Morocco Cream with rose-infused Moroccan argan oil.

For those of you who prefer lotions, there's my Wise Woman Herbal Lotion with herbally infused extra virgin olive oil (you pick your herb or flower :) ), unrefined cocoa butter and aloe vera among other ingredients. The beauty of this lotion is that it can be used both on face and body (I love products that have multiple uses)...And my Sultana Facial Grains, my Herbal Kiss Balms...etc

I won't talk about all the novelties, I'd rather let you discover them at your own leisure...Most of them are already listed on my Etsy shop:

Let's not forget about my Artisan Tea Blends to complement your exotic pamperings: whether you need a little change of scene or just the time to daydream and relax while sipping a cup of tea.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wild and Wise News #2 : Earth Day Celebration

We feel naturally concerned about the health of our planet and we all have a great respect and reverence towards Mother Earth.

As we all make natural, healthy, soothing and healing products, we wanted to honor the Great Mother through our creations for this upcoming Earth Day:

-Xiane created a wonderful Earth Day Ritual Kit including a handmade herbal incense (combination of Rosemary, thyme, frankincense, myrrh, sage and lavender), a lavender soy candle and an herbally infused anointing oil.

-Maggie, who specializes in natural household products, concoted a fresh cut grass scented laundry soap to bring the smell of the outdoors indoors.

-Jeane made a beautiful necklace with a purple wired Brazilian Agate and crystal quartz beads. Agate is said to provide protection, strength and harmony.

-Griselda made 2 handcrafted Gaia/Earth Goddess Shamanic Dolls out of polymer clay combined with other materials. These make wonderful altar pieces and spiritual companions.

-Andra created a nice Gaea stone necklace for the occasion. It's made out of mariposite, turquoise, petrified wood, riverstones and copper. An earthy, calming and protective necklace.

-Lacey, who's been very inspired, has created a few jewelry pieces including beaded fairy bug and Green Man chockers with ribbons.

-Charlotte crafted a Runic Magic Wand out of Hazel Wood and engraved it with the Runic Alphabet. The wand comes with it's own protective pouch and informaiton booklet. A beautiful and powerful tool for magickal use and spiritual practice.

-Night modeled a handsculpted Altar Goddess in the Ancient Nile River Bird Goddess style. She is crafted from leafy green polymer clay with a copper shimmer.

-Lisa made a "Love Mother Earth" clay pendant with a green painted heart which is also the color for the heart chakra.

-Piper crafted a very huggable "Goddess Hugs Herb Pillow" stuffed with a fragrant blend of lavender, geranium, spearmint and orris root. She also made a very natural looking "Wood and Bones Knotted Necklace"...The wooden beads have been rubbed with amber oil :).

-Parul has blended an organic Earth Mother Herbal Tea with Raspberry Leaf, Peppermint and Stinging Nettle. This energy powered herbal infusion is a source of vitamins and minerals.

-Raven put up a wonderful Garden Tea Basket with a bag of SPRING GARDEN tea (a blend of chamomile, lemongrass, hibiscus and licorice), four packets of wildflower seeds, violet candies, a lovely ceramic mug and a luscious herb scented votive candle...Goodness in a basket!

-I created 2 herbal teas: the first one I named JOURNEY TO MIDDLE-EARTH, it's a sweet, earthy and grounding blend of organic green and red rooibos, organic cinnamon, fennel seeds, organic rosemary and cardamom. The second one I named WALK IN THE WOODS, it's a wild tasting organic blend of strawberry leaves, raspberry leaves, blackberry leaves, nettle and rosehips. Loaded with vitamins and minerals from Mother Nature.

Or seach for "twwc earth day" on

The Earth is our Mother, she's provided food, medicine, clothes and shelter for us...We should not be ungrateful children!



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