Saturday, May 02, 2009

Lilac Oil Update

I know some of you have been wondering about my lilac infused oil.
Well, I strained it today and it has a nice yet light lilac scent.
I've been lucky to find some more lilac branches at the farmers market yesterday so I decided to re-infuse my oil with fresh lilac blossoms a second time. I expect my oil to have a stronger scent in 6 weeks from now ;).


Maige said...

I was wondering how your twice-infused oil turned out. :)

Anonymous said...

With spring lilacs a mere weeks away, I am curious as to how your second batch of lilac oil turned out.

mistertripps said...

I'm curious to know if you have done this again or if you have any more advice on the process. I have a beautiful lilac bush in my yard that is already full of blooms. I would really like to make some infused oil and will try your method.



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