Friday, May 15, 2009


"East Wind, all that you are -
Season of springtime, house of yellow warmth, dawning of day, home of the sunrise fires.
Dwelling place of the eagle and the hawk.
Guardian of the infants.
Place of new beginnings, fresh dreams, and rising sap,
The planting of seeds, and the birth of young.
Guide use through this time of rekindled hope and freshening light.
Help us to find the dreams and tasks that our ours for the coming year
And to balance ourselves carefully between focus and flexibility.
Show us how to move your unbridled creative energy through our hearts and bodies
As surely as the deer move through labor and birth,
As phlox opens to its flowering.
Keep us steeped in our wildness for at least one season
So that our dreams are not domesticated or restrained.
East Wind, blow through us. Bring us your blessings and your wisdom."

From "Why Buffalo Dance - Animal and Wilderness Meditations through the Seasons" by Susan Chernak McElroy

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