Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Runic Half-Month of Jera (Dec 13th-Dec 27th) & the Celtic Months of Ruis (Nov 25th-Dec 22nd) and Beith (Dec 24th-Jan 20th)

From ISA we have moved to JERA so the worst is now behind us. But we are still under the dominion of RUIS so we're not quite out of the Underworld just yet.

JERA represents the personal harvest: the result of a long year of hard work, patience and perseverance. It's the rune of causes and consequences, therefore the harvest will depend entirely on our actions and/or inactions. It forces us to see the good, the bad and the ugly in ourselves, our work, our spiritual work and, our interactions with people and the outside world. You can't cheat or lie with JERA. It's like karma, you can't escape it. I'm sure the Norns will agree. But it's not really the quality of your harvest (good or bad) that matters here, rather than the lessons learned. Because just like the alchemist can transform lead into gold, so can you transform your bad harvest into something empowering and change for the better if you have honestly faced the dark ISA & learned your lessons.

JERA is a temporal rune, it is all about cycles: beginning & end, death & rebirth. It's the wheel of fortune in the Tarot, which gives us hope after the cold, dark & creepy ISA that something good and better is coming our way. JERA announces renewal and rebirth, and it is no coincidence if the Winter Solstice occurs under its dominion, followed by the beginning of the Celtic month of BEITH (the birch). In magical work, you can use JERA to bring evolution and changes to a situation.

Now on the health side, I associate JERA with toxicity. You may want to pay attention to and support your liver (especially during the holidays) to get rid off toxins, support your entire digestive system and increase your vitality. You can extend the detox to toxic thoughts and toxic relationships which can and will affect you healthwise.

As I said above, RUIS - the Elder is not over yet and if you haven't done your inner homework yet, I urge you to do so. Winter is not just happening in Nature, it happens to our body and soul as well. Whether you like it or not, this period of rest and contemplation is necessary. RUIS ends with the Solstice and as the Sun will be reborn, sap (and our chi) will slowly start to flow upward, and days will begin to lengthen again.

Then BEITH - the Birch kicks in and it's all about new beginnings and regeneration. And to start anew you need to be in good shape inside and out. In traditional herbalism, the birch has long been used as a (Spring) tonic, a detoxifier and a purifiyer of the urinary system, and as such echoes the healing uses of JERA.

Yule Blessings to You & Yours,

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Runic Half-Month of ISA (Nov 28th - Dec 12th) & the Celtic Month of RUIS (Nov 25th - Dec 22nd)

Don't let the California sun fool you, Winter is already here. Look around you, Nature is resting and so should you. Your energy level is much lower than during Summertime anyway so why not just go with the non flow since this is what ISA is all about?
There's no need to feel frustrated: this period of enforced rest and stagnation is only temporary. The Winter Solstice is just around the corner and under the sign of JERA which should get things moving again soon.
Remember that just because you can't see the glacier move with your naked eye doesn't mean that it's not moving...The same phenomenon applies to you as well.
Keep your inner fire burning with nourishing, warming & comforting food and activities that soothe your body and soul...Now is not the time to turn into an ice mummy. Don't let the freezing mists of Niflheim get to you either: while now is a time of contemplation and reflection, it doesn't have to be gloomy.
ISA as icy crystallized water (and graphically very close to LAGUZ) can be challenging emotionally: blocked or repressed emotions, coldness, harshness, rigidity...But mentally ISA's gifts can be beneficial: as a rune of concentration it can help with discipline, stability, organization and (self) mastery. Be careful not to become too rigid though, because there's just one step from ISA (balance) to NAUTHIZ (which is also very close to ISA graphically).
But if you play your cards right during this runic half-month you may come out of it more centered, autonomous, independent, powerful and with a stronger will than before.
Be also aware of the physical manifestations of ISA inside the body. They can take many forms and are all signs of blockages: lack of flexibility, spinal issues, joint problems such as arthritis, paralysis (blocked nerves), circulatory and/or lymphatic issues often stemming from stagnant chi.

The half-month of ISA is overlapped but the Celtic month of RUIS, which gives us another clue as to what's happening right now. RUIS is the Elder tree: tree of change, transformation, evolution and gateway to the Underworld with its physical, emotional and spiritual implications. Sacred to the Sidhe, the Elder is connected to the Morrigan and the Cailleach (crone). RUIS forces us to delve into the deepest & darkest parts of the self in order to deal with our fears, weaknesses & inner ugliness so to speak. It is a necessary process, a little death of some sort in order to cleanse ourselves of what no longer serves us so that we can be reborn like phoenixes on the day of the Winter Solstice. RUIS and ISA combined emphasize this endeavor. There is a reason behind the time of icy cold stagnation and it is a required step for spiritual growth

Take care & be well ;).

Monday, October 06, 2014

Cards of the Day: "Life Renewed" and "The World" from the Tarot of the Hidden Ream

A couple weeks ago, I decided to do a tarot reading for my birthday. I normally use the Tarot of the Sidhe or the Faery Oracle, which I both find very accurate. But this time I chose to give the Tarot of the Hidden Realm a try; I wasn't disappointed.

I won't go through the details of my birthday reading, which I was pretty satisfied with. The first card (Five of Swords) I picked reflected my present situation very clearly: confusion, chaos, illusions. It was not a time to take major decisions or start a project. So I decided to not do anything and just wait for this period of confusion to pass, I knew it was only temporary. After all the Summer had ended and it was the beginning of the Fall (at least on the calendar) and this is my season. Summer is always some kind of Nature imposed sabbatical for me, while Fall is when I get into my is dear to me, what resonates with my soul and when I get stuff done.

And I was right to wait, I knew something positive and good was coming (and cards don't lie). While I wasn't very active these past few months, I learned some lessons, sometimes the hard way. It was a necessary step for my own personal growth and now I can see things more clearly.

The Fall has now arrived and brought some much needed re-energizing fog, it's like coming back to life. Anyway, back to today's cards: I picked "Life Renewed" and "The World", both shown above.
"This is her favorite time of the year. The scent of clean earth makes her happy. And the air...The air carries promises".
This card (Life Renewed) brings "the promise of fresh starts and new beginnings. This card brings more than just a clean slate; it brings a clean slate with a sense of purpose. Just as an acorn transforms into a tree and an egg into a bird, when you get this card, you are given the opportunity to begin anew to become what you are meant to be."
Sounds good to me!

Now for "The World": "...This card celebrates the successful completion of something you determined to achieve. We tend to rush from one achievement to the next goal. In doing so, we miss part of the gift of this experience. Reflect on what you've done and how you've changed. Feel it in all areas of your life. Acknowledge and appreciate what you've done and how others have helped."
To me the world also refers to that geomancy distance learning course I took. Time to finish what we have started.

I just turned 36, which is number 9 in numerology and a sacred number in Northern spirituality. I believe this year will bring some change, something major, something positive and beneficial. Some foundations and stepping stones for the years to come. Next birthday will mark the beginning of a new cycle...

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Runes and the Immune System

It's been a while since I've talked about Limbrunar: runic (energy) healing. Runes are normally encountered in divination, though it is one of their uses, I feel like it's just the tip of the iceberg. In other words, there's more to runes than meets the eye.

In my practice, based both on research and my own intuition, I have come up with various healing uses for each runes. Some people may or may not agree with me but that's what I feel is right and what works for me. Of course, nothing is set in stone (no pun intended) and there's always new insight added to my discoveries.

Enough babbling, shall we start? (I am focusing here on the upper respiratory system).
  • ANSUZ: Breathing & respiratory system (nose, throat, larynx, lungs). From sore throat, to cough, congestion, bronchitis and pneumonia.
  • KENNAZ: Fever, infection, inflammation, low immunity, toxins.
  • ALGIZ: Enhancing the immune system, building up a resistance, preventative action. Specific parts of the body: head, face, skull, back of the neck, upper spine.
  • TEIWAZ: Low immune system, being attacked from the inside, healing rune, curative action.
Use these runes in meditations, visualisations, energy work, mantras, mudras and rune yoga, whatever suits you best. Combining runic work with alternative therapies and proper nutrition will help get better results.

It is also good to remember than stress, lack of sleep, lack of vitamins C & D and accumulated toxins in the body (the filthy liver and/or intestines) contribute to lower immunity.

Be well.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Little Bit of Earthy Poetry...

As a teenager who grew up in France, I used to enjoy reading and writing poetry. I was and still am a big fan of Victor Hugo, the master of words ;).

Today I guess I felt inspired to write some poetry again, this time in English...


The Earth talks to those who wish to listen. 
Tales of epic battles, lost loves, forgotten knowledge and timeless wisdom.

The Earth talks with dirt and leaves, stones and bones 
From a time before time, a time and place beyond...

The Earth talks and whispers to your ears secrets that reason doesn't want you to know.
Hidden treasures in your memory, past lives, ancestors in your blood and bones.

The Earth talks, forget about reason,
Use your senses, feel its pulse in a heartbeat.

The Earth talks...Will you just listen?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Giving Oil Pulling a Try...

I learned the hard way that the state of health of your teeth reflects the state of health of your entire body. Years ago my teeth were becoming transparent and covered with cavities (that was before I had my body's breakdown and discovered my leaky gut, undiagnosed food allergies and mineral deficiencies), my dentist's prognosis wasn't a positive one. And I couldn't bear the idea of having my entire mouth covered in fillings or worse: veneers!

The truth is that dentists are technicians, sculptors of the mouth but when it comes to the why of tooth & gum problems, they are pretty ignorant. According to them: transparent/demineralized teeth are caused by lemon and soda (which I didn't consume) and tooth decay/cavities by too many sweets (which I don't have) and of course you can't regrow enamel and remineralize your teeth! WRONG!

I have proved my dentist wrong even though he never acknowledged it and probably never will. My teeth are now much healthier than they used to be (thanks to a nutrient-dense ancestral diet that suits me, my teeth & my belly well) but it's not perfect yet. I still have to battle with 1-2 cavities here and there from time to time...And I'm getting tired of battling with myself and the dentist.

Since I have a heart murmur I take some propolis prior to going to the dentist (and after too) rather than amoxicillin, which I have used in the past via prescription (I also prepare a sage tea to use as a mouthwash after any dental treatment).
"The Doctors Praise Healing Power of Propolis
According to Roy Kupsinel, M.D., of Maitland, Florida, propolis is chock-full of healing power.
I prescribe propolis for many of my patients as a safe nutritional supplement. When taken regularly, it actually creates an antibiotic disease-fighting reaction to almost any illness-without dangerous side effects. The bees have relied upon propolis for 46 million years. They must be doing something right because beehives contain less bacteria and are more sterile than hospitals!"
From "Health from the Hive" by Carlson Wade

I know full well that it's all about absorption of vitamins and minerals and I should really be more disciplined. I've been using tooth soap for years and a mouthwash made of salt water sole and peppermint tincture. I used baking soda from time to time to whiten my teeth and get rid off stains (since my poor teeth are rather porous). Now I just switched to a natural bristle toothbrush (made with wild boar's hair from what I understood) and I like it. I plan to get back to fermented cod liver oil & grass fed butter, take my magnesium chloride and bone meal or homemade eggshell powder more religiously (alternate with my sealogica seaweed supplement) or at least always have a nourishing herbal infusion and/or some bone broth handy since I need high amounts of minerals and maybe as much vitamin C!

Here's a post worth mentioning and reading on healing one's teeth naturally:

Nagel Ramiel's book "Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition"
is also very helpful.

But one thing I gotta try is oil pulling with coconut oil. I heard & read a lot of good things about it and here's what Dr Bruce Fife has to say about it:
"Just as the eyes are viewed as the window to the soul, the mouth is a window to the body. By looking into the mouth, you can tell a great deal about a person's health. Cavity-riddled teeth, swollen and inflamed gums, bad breath, discoloration on the tongue, receding and bleeding gums, yellowed teeth, plaque and tarter buildup, dental fillings, missing teeth, etc., are all signs reflecting a person's state of health. The mouth is part of the digestive tract. When you look inside the mouth, you are seeing a representation of the condition of the entire intestinal tract. If the mouth is healthy, the intestines will be healthy. If your teeth and gums are deteriorating, then you are deteriorating. Ours mouths can reveal evidence for diabetes, measles, leukemia, syphilis, AIDS, bulimia, irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, cancer, and other maladies.
The bacteria and other microorganisms that inhabit our mouths influence our health and are influenced by our health. Diseases influences the type of bacteria that grow on the lining of the mouth, tongue, and throat. Early stages of cancer, for instance, can be detected by the types of bacteria present. Some mouths contain more harmful organisms than others. If these organisms find a way into the bloodstream, they can wreak havoc on the entire body."
From "Oil Pulling Therapy ~ Detoxifying and Healing the Body through Oral Cleansing" by Dr Bruce Fife

Find out how to do it HERE.

Last but not least, let's not forget about the healing herbs (which I've been using for the past 20 years). Here's a new & promising book on the topic of herbs for dental problems: "Dental Herbalism: Natural Therapies for the Mouth" by Leslie M. Alexander & Linda A. Straub-Bruce.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

On Forgotten Words and Lost Meanings...

"...By writing The Trojan Women, Euripides shrove.
Shrive is a verb that has become archaic. Deriving from the latin scribere, "to write", it means "to make or hear confession, impose penance, call for absolution". In old and medieval English, it referred to written judgments and penalties in both religious and legal enterprises. It is significant that this word has disappeared from our modern vocabulary, with the exception of the rare idiomatic expression "to give short shrift", by now emptied of its original moral and spiritual meaning of making confession before punishment. It is critical that we note these linguistic changes, for when a word disappears from the language community, the concept it carries weakens and may even disappear as well."

From "The Practice of Dream Healing ~ Bringing Ancient Greek Mysteries into Modern Medicine" by Edward Tick

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Sagesse Oubliée d'un Temps Lointain

"Il est écrit dans les pyramides à textes:
'Au ciel on vit; sur terre, on existe.'

Avec cette nuance qui en dit long, au ciel, c'est-à-dire dans cette relation avec les Dieux, dans les rêves ou les visions, on vit (Ankh) sur terre, dans la vie quotidienne, on existe (Keper). Le scarabée signe de la transformation de l'expérience avec les dieux, chemin terrestre de l'individuation. L'expérience essentielle de transformation est gravée pour l'éternité des hommes.

D'ailleurs sur terre "tout" est transformation, rien n'ext fixé, la terre elle-meme a une fin, le corps de l'homme vieillit, son esprit qui est censé s'ouvrir comme une fleur, avec l'âge, souvent se raidit à l'approche de l'écheance finale, son âme elle, est en attente de transformation, elle a besoin de l'expérience de la nuit, du contact avec les Dieux pour sentir le "scarabée" dans sa chair, sous sa peau, afin de se réaliser. Nous savons, et nous constatons tous, nos transformations quotidiennes qui cheminent vers la mort, bien souvent seules nos certitudes et nos rigidités persistent et étouffent l'âme. Ce n'est pas la "exister", c'est survivre. Le scarabée, bien qu'il fasse sa fonction transformatrice, reste vide. Seul le corps se transforme dans un vieillissement souvent "refusé". Habiter le sens du scarabée et le laisser vous mener à partir de la nuit spatiale qui nous traverse, c'est s'ouvrir à l'experience du dialogue avec ces dieux rejetes dans la nuit céleste.

'Au ciel on vit, sur terre on existe', ces images sont alors "habitées" et prennent un sens chaque jour renouvelé. Battement du temps qui ouvre son coeur aux dimensions multiples de l'univers qui se reflètent dans chacun de ses composants vivants. L'homme ainsi est habité par l'univers des dieux, depuis la nuit des temps. Les dieux se "réflechissent" en l'homme au travers de ses images oniriques! L'âme parle dans un langage instinctif, proche de la nature dans ces images de vie que sont les rêves et les hiéroglyphes égyptiens.

C'est une langue imagée dont nous avons perdu le fil. C'est la langue de l'évocation, celle de la poésie vivante où la science y retrouve ses enfants. Paysage interieur d'où émerge un vent discret qui caresse nos images nocturnes depuis la nuit des temps et transforme cet évènement de rencontre en experience intemporelle."

Tiré du livre "Les Hiéroglyphes et les Rêves ~ Un Continent Endormi" par Jean-Claude Saut

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm giving a Lecture about the Runes THIS Saturday

I'm giving a FREE lecture on the topic of the Runes Saturday, May 3rd from 5pm to 6pm at The Path.

"TALK ABOUT WYRD! Demystifying the Runes"
An introduction to the mysterious, mystical & magical Scandinavian Runes.
We will discuss the theories of their origin, what they are, their uses (divination, self-knowledge, healing...etc) and what they can do.

See you there ;).

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Inner Alchemy of Spring

"I am the Spirit of Air. I am the Spirit of communication and of initiation. I am in all new beginnings, in all new seeds that grow. I am in the springtime as the new growth cycle begins, I am in the words that are spoken and the thoughts that are open. I am the Spirit of change, blowing away old concepts, old limitations and old ideas, making way for new understanding, new perceptions and new shifts in awareness. I am my conscious breath. I am my conscious communication, speaking truth and seeking Unity, initiating positive and healthy new beginnings.

I am the Spirit of Fire, bringing passion and inspiration to new beginnings! I am spontaneity and the freedom to run and, to celebrate expansion and self-expression. I am laughter and joy. I am the warmth of the Sun and the active growth cycle. I am action, the generosity of giving. I am active energy seeking Unity. I unite my outer Fire with my inner Sacred Fire to bring transformation from within to inspire actions out in the world.

I am the Spirit of Water, the fluidity and quickening of Life. I am the flowing power of the spiral, the vortex, the self-cleansing energy of movement. I am the Spirit and Life of healing that flows and seeks equilibrium. I am the rain that swells the new seeds so that they grow. I am the fertility of reflection. I am the power of the heart, the fuel of Love that creates freedom of movement through loving actions and through release of the emotions. I am receptivity and intuition seeking Unity, so that all things find balance and equilibrium.

I am the Spirit of Earth, awakening energy of the land. I am the stabilizing force, bringing new Life from Union. I am the potent force, the Fertile Force and the creation force seeking Unity. I am alive, the living Spirit of Gaia, and I bring transformation and change, death and rebirth in continuous cycles. I am the Spirit of regeneration and I am the continuous Spirit of new Life and growth.

I am Spirit in all things, the interconnected Web of Life. I am Unconditional Love and Light, the spark of Life and creation, the Source of Life. I am Limitless, Infinite, Eternal, the Omnipresent, Quintessence. I am Unity. I am Within and Without. I am the circle, open and yet unbroken, encompassing the All and the Nothing. I am."

From "Earth Alchemy" by Glennie Kindred

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

On Healing & Illness...

"Healing and illness are part of the same thing. Illness is energy that is disconnected from Unity and has become stuck. All things are connected and our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves contribute to any illness and therefore all contribute to the healing. Like a magnet our consciousness draws towards us what we truly believe. Ideas attract, as do strong convictions or beliefs and strong intentions. We attract illness and we attract healing. Releasing our trapped and buried emotions breathes Life into the healing process, creates movement, flow and freedom to find equilibrium again. From this comes new Life, the gift of continuance.

Illness can be transmuted. Healing can be instant. I have experienced this miracle and know that it is possible. Healing begins when all separations dissolve, bringing a reconnection to the Oneness of Life. Positive thoughts open our psyches to healing. Body, mind and Soul are connected by imagination, and imagery can alter the intelligence of our cells. Either subconsciously or consciously, we are always in communication with every part of ourselves and every cell responds to the messages we are sending every day. From this perspective we are our own Fertile Force for healing; we are own own healers."

From "Earth Alchemy - A Dynamic Fusion Between Alchemy and the Eight Celtic Festivals" by Glennie Kindred 

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Sound of Silence OR 3 Months Without Computer...And the Latest News.

Some of you may have thought that this blog was really dead this time! Surprise, I'm back!
Zenseer's Secret Garden is like a phoenix rebirthing itself from its ashes...

A lot of things have happen, some good, some less good, but a lot of personal reflection has occurred for sure.

The Runes remains part of my life that I believe is going to become increasingly more important as I develop other Runic abilities, gifts and specialties. Don't get me wrong, I'm still very much into Runic Energy Healing but I believe I need to have access & learn about the full spectrum range of their uses to fully understand and use them (though I am fully aware that it is a lifetime occupation and even then I'd have only scratched the surface of their secrets).

Divination is what comes first to mind when one talks about the Runes. Yep, I know I tried to avoid it somehow but it is an unavoidable aspect of the Runes. I think that avoidance has to do mostly with self doubt though I've done many intuitive readings for friends and family. Maybe it also has to do about sticking too much to the traditional/scholar interpretations of the same Runes that is blocking me. Yet I know full well that interpretation is personal, Runes have an energetic imprint that rings differently from one person to another.

Anyway! I have decided to learn & train myself in Runic Palmistry (but shhh! It's still a bit of a secret). The little I have already learned about it is amazingly right on target! Plus it's fun ;).

Projects and ideas I have plenty! Now it's all about organizing these ideas and see what is worthwhile pursuing and developing. We'll see what the next few months have in store for me...

Now if the topic of Runes interest you, here are a few dates to mark in your calendar:
  1. Saturday, April 12th (this weekend), I have a FREE Runic Energy Event at The Path Spiritual Learning Center, from 3pm to 5pm. More details HERE.
  2. For those of you who don't know much about the Runes but would like to learn a few things about them, I will have a FREE Lecture scheduled on Saturday, May 3rd from 5pm to 6pm about "Demystifying the Runes" in which I will discuss their origin, what they are, what they are used for, etc... More details HERE. It's also at The Path in Redondo Beach, CA.
  3. I am still available at The Path on Wednesday and Saturday Afternoons for Runic Energy Healing sessions By Appointment Only. Please feel free to contact Marie at The Path or myself to schedule an appointment.
Meanwhile I will make a conscious effort to make this blog a little bit more lively, which shouldn't be a problem now that I have a brand new computer ;).

I thank you for your support, dear readers, and for continuing to follow it. Though I admit that I've been spending a bit more time on Facebook these past few months. There are a few things I only post there so if you're interested to follow me on Facebook as well, here's where you can find me: Zenseer WalkingCrow .

Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Year, New Projects & New Year Sale: Get Doubly Spoiled!

The year just started and I already feel swirling & rising energy around...It's like entering the Faery dance, can't escape! I just prepare my first flower essence of the year, infused with magic...I'll tell you more about it soon. I already have my new projects for this year written on paper, there are many things I'd like to achieve but I need to decide of a reasonable timeline in order to not overburden myself. As far as energy work & healing goes, I'm getting more and more involved with telluric energies which make perfect sense since we vibrate at the same frequency than Mother Earth (which is why this type of medicine works and has been practiced for millenia...No side effects besides feeling good & happy!). I haven't forgotten about my Runes, both Runes & Oghams are inherently connected to telluric energies. The Ancients knew it instinctively and they weren't mistaken...

Now in the spirit of celebration I offer you a special double deal:
  1. If you buy 2 of my artisan flower & leaf essences in my Etsy Shop, I offer you a 3rd one for free! This offer is valid until January 5th, you don't want to miss this opportunity! 
  2. *~*Borage (Borago Officinalis)*~*
    Courage, Finding Inner Peace, Emotional Protection, Healing/Mending the Heart

    *~*Orange Blossom (Citrus Sinensis)*~*
    Sensuality, Womanhood, Self Love, Joie de Vivre

    *~*Nasturtium (Tropaeolum Majus)*~*
    Joy, Lightness of Being, Playfulness, Thriving, Inner Child

    *~*Purslane (Portulaca Oleracea)*~*
    Protection, Cleansing, “Do no Evil, Feel no Evil”

    *~*Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis)*~*
    Focus, Memory, Willpower, Purpose, Protection

    *~*White Sage (Salvia Apiana)*~*
    Physical & Spiritual Cleansing, Protection, Intuition, Immune System Booster
  3. For the locals & +/- regulars at The Path, I offer $10 off for a 30 minutes Runic Healing Session (so that's $35 instead of $45...Sounds like a good deal to me!). Now this offer is valid until a January 10th (note that I'm only available on Wednesdays & Fridays afternoons).
Bright blessings & good wishes to you and yours ;).



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