Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Listen to the Cards: November 6th 2012 Reading

Before I get to the actual reading, I'd like to say that I am no channeler, no tarot reader and even less of an astrologer (even though I know Mercury went retrograde yesterday and that today is the Last Quarter of the Moon). But I am a sensitive in ways of my own...

So what do the cards hold for us on this Election Day?
First I picked the "Warrior Three / Alignment" card from the Tarot of the Sidhe (I rarely work with tarots, I usually prefer oracle decks which I find more precise, but this specific tarot has proven to be reliable many times).

This card is a powerful one, it holds so much potential that I believe reflects the expectations of many people right one. After the passage of hurricane Sandy, I felt that something had been birthed/released energetically and we can all sense energies even if we can't always describe what we feel or sense with words.

The Warrior cards of the deck are connected with the element Fire. They manifest dreams into reality via the power of will and action.

"The alignment's dawn, a magical time,
As sun and moon and stars entwine,
The gate is open in the east,
A three-fold sum of power increased..."

I believe that the Universe is watching as well. This election may be a step stone for things to come.
Notice the reference to the East? It could very well be that the eastern states will play a big role in this election, after all they have been (and still are) through a lot but who is there to listen and help in the middle of the desolation? Only they know what is truly going on and only they can tell (one way being by casting their vote)...Also remember (prophets of doom sent aside) that we are going through changes, through a planetary and galactic evolution. We are moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. People are awakening and the picture they see isn't very pretty...

The 2nd card I picked (as supplemental information) is the "Three of Stones / Creativity" from The Wildwood Tarot.

"The practical manifestation of the creative energy requires a clear and open channel to the inspirational forces and impulses of the universe...Just as releasing your dreams and desires into the universal consciousness always brings a response, so the releasing of creative energy invites into the artist the healing and enriching fuel from which further insight and visionary stimulus flows..."

Be the artist, you are creator of your life. Manifest your hopes and dreams into this reality by painting what you really want for yourself and others onto the big canvas of Life. Don't let yourself be influenced by others, don't let yourself be blown & pushed by the winds, don't give in to worry, fear of sadness...Listen to your inner voice, stand your ground, project what your heart desires into the universal energetic pool. There is always a choice!.

Have a blessed day ;).



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