Monday, May 04, 2015

On Healing, Healers & Healees...

Being able to heal others implies that one has been through the process of healing the self and done the inner work necessary for self mastery. Which involves facing the ego, vices, the shadow self and the dark corners of the soul.
Don't deny them. Acknowledge them, understand them, accept them, soften & tame them if you can, and turn your inner lead into gold much like the alchemist would do.
Shed your old skin and be reborn like a phoenix from its ashes...And become a new you, better & stronger than before.
Only once the self healing process has been achieved, that one can start helping, healing & teaching others. Showing them the empowering path to follow (though everybody is different yet all the roads lead to Rome) in order to get to know themselves & heal themselves.
The true gift of the healer doesn't reside in "supernatural" abilities (which are tokens given by Spirit to anyone committed to a spiritual path) but in showing and teaching others that they too can heal themselves and the world around them...

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

There is Something...

...Something in the cold, something in the immaculate snow that keeps calling me. Even in the heat of the Summer, I see icy blue glaciers when I close my eyes. And the lonely stillness of the barren North...All so quiet, too quiet maybe.
But yet He, She or They are calling.
Is it the Spirit of the Wind in the blizzard? Is it some long forgotten Ancestors buried deep beneath the thick blanket of snow? Is it the broken carved stone circles/sanctuaries humming to be remembered and used again?
I don't know yet. The further I go, the more answers I get and when I think I'm getting closer to the answers I seek, new questions arise and then I realize how little I actually know.
Somewhere I read "what you seek is seeking you". I know the answers are buried inside of me, somewhere. I need to go further and keep digging deeper, going back in time.
The antlered one, the ancient Deer Goddess she knows, I know she does. She's be watching me for a long time and she will teach me what I need to know, what I need to remember. She imposed a taboo upon me so I know she's here to stay and that somehow I am, have been or and/will be her priestess...


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