Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I'm having a sale on Earth Day.

On April 22nd, I will offer -20% off my shop's current offerings with the exception of items that are already on sale.

The amount of the discount will be refunded (the discount is calculated on the total amount before shipping).

My friend Hedgewitch will be donating all proceeds on the 22nd to 'Friends of the Earth', an environmental charity.

Feel free to check her shop:

Monday, April 14, 2008

Introducing Black Annis Cosmetics

Over the past few months, I've been thinking about having a small lines of natural & botanical cosmetics. I know that mineral powder have become very popular but they are also quite pricey.

I chose the name Black Annis Cosmetics because I wanted a Faery inspiration for my line. Since my products are natural and made with herbs, it seemed very appropriate (hopefully the Fairies will appreciate and bless my products as well).

In the Celtic Faery lore, Black Annis is a hag. Hags are often described as ugly & nasty old crones; I believe they are very misunderstood spirits of power and wisdom. One of my favorite tree to work with (both on a spiritual and medicinal level) is the Elder tree. The Elder is a Faery tree and portal to the Underworld. The spirit of the Elder is an old and wise crone who will gladly help and even bestow gifts if treated with all due respect. Elder is a tree of transformation as well.

My Fair Lady Face Powder is the first item of this new cosmetic line. It is a veil powder more than a foundation powder because it will prevent the skin to become shiny but won't cover blemishes (or very lightly). It's a powder that I recommend for light and fair skin complexions.
My Fair Lady is made of arrowroot powder and pesticide-free rose powder that imparts a natural pinkish hue to the powder as well as a nice rose scent. I really enjoy it ;).

I'm hoping to be able to come up with a matching blush but it seems that it'll be harder than I thought. Other than that, I will be offering herbally infused tinted lip balm in shades of pink and red (if I'm lucky maybe even a violet) similar to my Wise Woman Lip Balm in texture and goodness...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Feminine Mystique & The Goddess

This is an online article from Nourished Magazine, feel free to leave a comment:

“How has the Goddess filled your life and how do you express Feminine energy?”

Monday, April 07, 2008

Amber Forest Soap

This soap is handmade with saponified oils, coconut milk, ethically wildcrafted siskiyou cedar leaf infusion (with spring water), eucalyptus honey, ethically wildcrafted fresh pine needle infused oil (in organic extra virgin olive oil), unrefined beeswax, crystallized amber essence, amber tincture, ground siskiyou cedar leaves and juniper twigs.

It has a distinct sweet vanilla-amber like scent.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Result of the Nettle Kefir Experiment

Well, I'm pleased ;).
After 24 hours, I strained my infusion. The smell has changed.
The kefir grains turned brown. I rinsed them and put them back in their little jar.

The taste of the nettle kefir is very interesting: it's similar to an herbal wine. It's a little fizzy due to the fermentation, which produces a little bit of alcohol (the alcohol content of Kefir will vary from 0.06 % (Marshall 1984), up to a maximum of 3% alcohol. The average alcohol content in home brewing is around 0.5% with a loose lid and 1% in an airtight jar. Shaking the fermentation container during the fermentation time also results in higher alcohol content).

I have never tried kombucha tea but I believe it must be somewhat similar. I will experiment with some other herbs and maybe even juices.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Nettle Kefir Experiment

I recently bought some live kefir grains to make my own kefir with organic milk. I tried twice and didn't like neither the taste nor the smell of it. I read that you can also you these kefir grains with herbal infusions or fruit juices...So I figured that maybe I'd like my kefir better in an herbal base.

I prepared 2 cups of nourishing nettle infusion that had steeped for 4 hours. Once strained, I warmed the infusion lightly and added 1 tbsp of honey (I used raw mountain honey). I rinsed the kefir grains thoroughly with spring water, since I only used them twice they haven't had the time to get used to a dairy environment, therefore they shouldn't take long to adapt to the herbal infusion. Once clean and strained, I placed the kefir grains into a 1 quart mason jar then poured the sweetened nettle infusion over it. I closed the lid and gently shook the jar.

It should take 24 to 48 hours but it can take longer since I don't know how the kefir grains are going to react to this new environment. I will keep a close eye on the infusion, gently shaking the jar from time to time. I will have to smell and taste the infusion to know if and when it's ready to be strained and enjoyed.

I hope it'll taste better this way ;)!

Celebrate the Goddess through Gratefulness

"There is no more profound prayer to the Great Goddess than a simple "Thank You."
And there is no end to the things you have to be grateful for.
From the first object your eyes behold upon awakening to the last thought before slipping into dreams, each day holds infinite opportunity for you to express your gratitude.
Each heartfelt whisper of thanks increases your blessings.
Each sincere expression of gratefulness opens you to bliss.
Each moment, no matter where you are, give thanks for the beauty and bounty that is yours."

From SageWoman 2008 Calendar


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