Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Runic Half-Month of Jera (Dec 13th-Dec 27th) & the Celtic Months of Ruis (Nov 25th-Dec 22nd) and Beith (Dec 24th-Jan 20th)

From ISA we have moved to JERA so the worst is now behind us. But we are still under the dominion of RUIS so we're not quite out of the Underworld just yet.

JERA represents the personal harvest: the result of a long year of hard work, patience and perseverance. It's the rune of causes and consequences, therefore the harvest will depend entirely on our actions and/or inactions. It forces us to see the good, the bad and the ugly in ourselves, our work, our spiritual work and, our interactions with people and the outside world. You can't cheat or lie with JERA. It's like karma, you can't escape it. I'm sure the Norns will agree. But it's not really the quality of your harvest (good or bad) that matters here, rather than the lessons learned. Because just like the alchemist can transform lead into gold, so can you transform your bad harvest into something empowering and change for the better if you have honestly faced the dark ISA & learned your lessons.

JERA is a temporal rune, it is all about cycles: beginning & end, death & rebirth. It's the wheel of fortune in the Tarot, which gives us hope after the cold, dark & creepy ISA that something good and better is coming our way. JERA announces renewal and rebirth, and it is no coincidence if the Winter Solstice occurs under its dominion, followed by the beginning of the Celtic month of BEITH (the birch). In magical work, you can use JERA to bring evolution and changes to a situation.

Now on the health side, I associate JERA with toxicity. You may want to pay attention to and support your liver (especially during the holidays) to get rid off toxins, support your entire digestive system and increase your vitality. You can extend the detox to toxic thoughts and toxic relationships which can and will affect you healthwise.

As I said above, RUIS - the Elder is not over yet and if you haven't done your inner homework yet, I urge you to do so. Winter is not just happening in Nature, it happens to our body and soul as well. Whether you like it or not, this period of rest and contemplation is necessary. RUIS ends with the Solstice and as the Sun will be reborn, sap (and our chi) will slowly start to flow upward, and days will begin to lengthen again.

Then BEITH - the Birch kicks in and it's all about new beginnings and regeneration. And to start anew you need to be in good shape inside and out. In traditional herbalism, the birch has long been used as a (Spring) tonic, a detoxifier and a purifiyer of the urinary system, and as such echoes the healing uses of JERA.

Yule Blessings to You & Yours,

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