Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Inner Alchemy of Spring

"I am the Spirit of Air. I am the Spirit of communication and of initiation. I am in all new beginnings, in all new seeds that grow. I am in the springtime as the new growth cycle begins, I am in the words that are spoken and the thoughts that are open. I am the Spirit of change, blowing away old concepts, old limitations and old ideas, making way for new understanding, new perceptions and new shifts in awareness. I am my conscious breath. I am my conscious communication, speaking truth and seeking Unity, initiating positive and healthy new beginnings.

I am the Spirit of Fire, bringing passion and inspiration to new beginnings! I am spontaneity and the freedom to run and, to celebrate expansion and self-expression. I am laughter and joy. I am the warmth of the Sun and the active growth cycle. I am action, the generosity of giving. I am active energy seeking Unity. I unite my outer Fire with my inner Sacred Fire to bring transformation from within to inspire actions out in the world.

I am the Spirit of Water, the fluidity and quickening of Life. I am the flowing power of the spiral, the vortex, the self-cleansing energy of movement. I am the Spirit and Life of healing that flows and seeks equilibrium. I am the rain that swells the new seeds so that they grow. I am the fertility of reflection. I am the power of the heart, the fuel of Love that creates freedom of movement through loving actions and through release of the emotions. I am receptivity and intuition seeking Unity, so that all things find balance and equilibrium.

I am the Spirit of Earth, awakening energy of the land. I am the stabilizing force, bringing new Life from Union. I am the potent force, the Fertile Force and the creation force seeking Unity. I am alive, the living Spirit of Gaia, and I bring transformation and change, death and rebirth in continuous cycles. I am the Spirit of regeneration and I am the continuous Spirit of new Life and growth.

I am Spirit in all things, the interconnected Web of Life. I am Unconditional Love and Light, the spark of Life and creation, the Source of Life. I am Limitless, Infinite, Eternal, the Omnipresent, Quintessence. I am Unity. I am Within and Without. I am the circle, open and yet unbroken, encompassing the All and the Nothing. I am."

From "Earth Alchemy" by Glennie Kindred

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