Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Runic Half-Month of ISA (Nov 28th - Dec 12th) & the Celtic Month of RUIS (Nov 25th - Dec 22nd)

Don't let the California sun fool you, Winter is already here. Look around you, Nature is resting and so should you. Your energy level is much lower than during Summertime anyway so why not just go with the non flow since this is what ISA is all about?
There's no need to feel frustrated: this period of enforced rest and stagnation is only temporary. The Winter Solstice is just around the corner and under the sign of JERA which should get things moving again soon.
Remember that just because you can't see the glacier move with your naked eye doesn't mean that it's not moving...The same phenomenon applies to you as well.
Keep your inner fire burning with nourishing, warming & comforting food and activities that soothe your body and soul...Now is not the time to turn into an ice mummy. Don't let the freezing mists of Niflheim get to you either: while now is a time of contemplation and reflection, it doesn't have to be gloomy.
ISA as icy crystallized water (and graphically very close to LAGUZ) can be challenging emotionally: blocked or repressed emotions, coldness, harshness, rigidity...But mentally ISA's gifts can be beneficial: as a rune of concentration it can help with discipline, stability, organization and (self) mastery. Be careful not to become too rigid though, because there's just one step from ISA (balance) to NAUTHIZ (which is also very close to ISA graphically).
But if you play your cards right during this runic half-month you may come out of it more centered, autonomous, independent, powerful and with a stronger will than before.
Be also aware of the physical manifestations of ISA inside the body. They can take many forms and are all signs of blockages: lack of flexibility, spinal issues, joint problems such as arthritis, paralysis (blocked nerves), circulatory and/or lymphatic issues often stemming from stagnant chi.

The half-month of ISA is overlapped but the Celtic month of RUIS, which gives us another clue as to what's happening right now. RUIS is the Elder tree: tree of change, transformation, evolution and gateway to the Underworld with its physical, emotional and spiritual implications. Sacred to the Sidhe, the Elder is connected to the Morrigan and the Cailleach (crone). RUIS forces us to delve into the deepest & darkest parts of the self in order to deal with our fears, weaknesses & inner ugliness so to speak. It is a necessary process, a little death of some sort in order to cleanse ourselves of what no longer serves us so that we can be reborn like phoenixes on the day of the Winter Solstice. RUIS and ISA combined emphasize this endeavor. There is a reason behind the time of icy cold stagnation and it is a required step for spiritual growth

Take care & be well ;).

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