Monday, October 06, 2014

Cards of the Day: "Life Renewed" and "The World" from the Tarot of the Hidden Ream

A couple weeks ago, I decided to do a tarot reading for my birthday. I normally use the Tarot of the Sidhe or the Faery Oracle, which I both find very accurate. But this time I chose to give the Tarot of the Hidden Realm a try; I wasn't disappointed.

I won't go through the details of my birthday reading, which I was pretty satisfied with. The first card (Five of Swords) I picked reflected my present situation very clearly: confusion, chaos, illusions. It was not a time to take major decisions or start a project. So I decided to not do anything and just wait for this period of confusion to pass, I knew it was only temporary. After all the Summer had ended and it was the beginning of the Fall (at least on the calendar) and this is my season. Summer is always some kind of Nature imposed sabbatical for me, while Fall is when I get into my is dear to me, what resonates with my soul and when I get stuff done.

And I was right to wait, I knew something positive and good was coming (and cards don't lie). While I wasn't very active these past few months, I learned some lessons, sometimes the hard way. It was a necessary step for my own personal growth and now I can see things more clearly.

The Fall has now arrived and brought some much needed re-energizing fog, it's like coming back to life. Anyway, back to today's cards: I picked "Life Renewed" and "The World", both shown above.
"This is her favorite time of the year. The scent of clean earth makes her happy. And the air...The air carries promises".
This card (Life Renewed) brings "the promise of fresh starts and new beginnings. This card brings more than just a clean slate; it brings a clean slate with a sense of purpose. Just as an acorn transforms into a tree and an egg into a bird, when you get this card, you are given the opportunity to begin anew to become what you are meant to be."
Sounds good to me!

Now for "The World": "...This card celebrates the successful completion of something you determined to achieve. We tend to rush from one achievement to the next goal. In doing so, we miss part of the gift of this experience. Reflect on what you've done and how you've changed. Feel it in all areas of your life. Acknowledge and appreciate what you've done and how others have helped."
To me the world also refers to that geomancy distance learning course I took. Time to finish what we have started.

I just turned 36, which is number 9 in numerology and a sacred number in Northern spirituality. I believe this year will bring some change, something major, something positive and beneficial. Some foundations and stepping stones for the years to come. Next birthday will mark the beginning of a new cycle...

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