Friday, September 19, 2008

Andrew's Birthday Cake

A gluten free (using almond meal + a little bit of potato starch) and dairy free chocolate cake that was light, moist and tasty...Both Andrew & I enjoyed it very much. Definitely a keeper!

I found the recipe under a french blog:

The trick about french recipes is that the ingredients have to be measured by weight, not by cups. It's the key to success ;).


docwitch said...

The cake looks divine, (I have to eat gluten free food so I appreciate the recipe).

I love your beautiful blog, and just gave you a little award...

: )

Alchemille said...

I'm glad you like the blog and thanks for the award ;).

I will attempt to translate the recipe in english when I have a little time.

I have a kitchen scale that measures both ounces and grams, it's a very useful tool...



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