Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Equinox / Mabon!

While most people feel melancholic and even lethargic in the Fall, I feel awakened, renewed and inspired! (Probably because of my introspective nature...)

Yesterday I celebrated my 30th birthday with a trip to a local mountain (and a homemade GF/DF pear & hazelnut pie) where I was hoping to see some Fall foliage along with a breath of fresh mountain air. We went to an altitude of approximately 3000 feet/1000 meters where there were plenty of oaks but no pines. Though we could feel the change of season, the foliage was just starting to change color. I think we will need to wait a few weeks before seeing any major color change and for the air to get cooler and charged with that specific Autumn smell that I adore.

Yet I was lucky to find & harvest a few wild rosehips (probably from 2-3 different varieties, judging from the differences in size and shape)...Not enough to make jam but once cut, cleaned and dried, I'm sure they'll make a delicious tea ;).

Today I started my Portobello mushroom kit from Mushroom Adventures. I've never grown mushrooms before so I'm very excited about it...And when you know how much they charge for portobellos nowadays! Anyway, 3 to 5 weeks of patience and care are required before the first harvest...

I'm also looking forward to tasting a cup of Castagno Caffé / Chestnut Coffee from Chestnut Trails (just got it today in the mail). It's made of 100% dried roasted chestnuts and is caffeine free as well as gluten free (with the exception of chicory root - which is not pregnancy friendly - and dandelion root, most coffee substitutes are made of grains). Though I've never been a coffee person, I enjoy drinking a cup of faux coffee once in a while (or more often if it's really good).

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