Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Paper Incense...

I'm currently making some paper incense which I haven't been doing for a while. I enjoy the whole "alchemical" process of preparing the scented tinctures, which reveal their magic and scents only after a few weeks. Then comes the soaking of the paper (with a brush) which I find quite relaxing, it's like meditation in movement. I'm not sure how letting the scented paper age affects the scent...It's a personal choice that I leave to the ones willing to experiment and surrender to timelessness.

I find that strong aromatic herbs, tree trimmings, resins and spices give the best results. My personal favorites are the wild scents reminiscent of Ancient Woods. I believe that a little bit of the tree/plant spirits and their memory (trees are keepers of time) are infused in the tinctures as well, adding to the uniqueness of the concoctions.

I currently offer some lavender, douglas fir and eucalyptus paper incenses...And plan on adding more soon ;).

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