Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Time Goodies...

I've been busy whipping up new nourishing & beneficial herbal creations for the Spring (Ostara is coming up this week ;)):

I have slighlty modified my trusty Wise Woman Cream recipe by adding some organic aloe vera gel, which happens to make the cream lighter and smoother. Plus I wanted the cream to be more beneficial by following the natural rhythm of the Seasons, so I listed my brand new Wise Woman Spring Cream ;).

  1. I have created a must have lip balm: the Wise Woman Lip Balm. Moisturizing and nourishing with the perfect texture. It's made with calendula infused oil and orange blossom honey...Lightly floral and sweet.

  2. Journey to Middle-Earth is a sweet-earthy tea with a touch of spice that will help you relax and stay grounded...One of my personal favorites.

  3. Two seasonal blends to help you celebrate the return of the Spring and tune in to the renewed energy of this season: Spring Tonic and Spring Awakening.

Thank you for browsing ;).

1 comment:

Tala said...

Yay! I'm so pleased to have found your blog, and your etsy shop! Please keep the posts coming!



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