Sunday, March 23, 2008

Not your Grandma's Yogurt...

With the increasing awareness towards the health hazard of the (processed) food industry, people are starting to cook again and enjoying the pleasure of making (and eating) delicious & nutritious homemade goodies which can be proudly shared (as well as the recipes) with family and friends.

One of these trendy homemade goodies is yogurt...but I'm not talking about your grandma's yogurt anymore. Many of us are still enjoy the traditional whole milk yogurt plain or with fresh fruits (stewed or not)...But now you can choose to prepare sweet, savory or even gourmet yogurts!

What about a yogurt with smoked salmon and french sorrel as an appetizer? Or an orange blossom yogurt as a sweet and soothing snack in the afternoon? If you are fortunate enough to speak french, I recommend the 2 following books: Yaourts : Cent recettes de saison by Murielle Khamouguinoff & Juliette Ranck (which translates to Yogurts: one hundred seasonal recipes) as well as Yaourts exquis by Brigitte Namour, Garlone Bardel & Claire Curt (which translates to Exquisite Yogurts).

If you're interested in making your own yogurts, I recommend Yogurt for Life. They carry everything you need to make yogurts: from yogurt makers to thermometers and even starters. I have used (and still use) their freeze-dried kefir starter (no appliance needed for this one) as well as their freeze-dried yogurt starter. They also have a freeze-dried probiotic yogurt starter and a freeze-dried cheese starter.

If you are looking for live cultures instead, check the Happy Herbalist. You can choose from Caspian Sea Yogurt (which I have always known as Bulgarian Yogurt), Finnish Viili or Kefir Grains Cultures.

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