Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Anti-Fatigue Cure

This is a recipe from renowned french herbalist Germaine Cousin-Zermatten.

What you need:
  • Dried apricots: go for organic and even sundried (so you get a little bit of sun energy as well) but no oil or preservatives
  • Spring water

This is a 3 week cure.

Every night, before sleep, fill up a glass with spring water and 2 or 3 apricots cut in half. Let them soak overnight. In the morning, before breakfast, eat the soaked apricots and drink the apricot water.

I haven't tried it myself but my husband is willing to give it a try ;)...


Hedgewitch said...

this is interesting .. i've been drawn to dried apricots lately because they are a good source of magnesium, among lots of other fab things, and so I've been eating them in the evenings sometimes (useful for hormone-induced chocolate cravings! read somewhere that when we crave chocolate, its the magnesium our body is asking for)

and doubly interesting, because I have ME (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome) .. next time I have a bad spell, I will definitely try this out and report back!

thanks for sharing your wisdom, alchemille, this could be just what I need :-)

Alchemille said...

Thank you hedgewitch for teaching me that apricots were high in magnesium. I have spasmophilia so my body needs its magnesium. I don't like popping pills though.
From my personal experience: a diet rich in whole grains (oats are rich in calcium and magnesium), nuts (almonds also are rich in magnesium) and nourishing herbal infusions seems to do the trick.

I also came to the same conclusion: chocolate cravings are indeed related to a lack of magnesium. After all chocolate contains magnesium but I find that if I have dark chocolate, I eat/need less chocolate.



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