Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Driven by Jealousy?

I'm not materialistic nor jealous in nature...It's just not me!
And I would never envy another woman for her looks, her wealth or whatever else she can have that I don't...But I would envy another Wild & Wise Woman, somebody who holds greater knowledge and wisdom than I do (especially if she lives close to Nature).

At age 17, I wanted to become a living encyclopedia...I believe that the Spirits heard me loud & clear thus I "cursed" myself to the point that I am convinced to be condemned to keep on learning for the rest of my life.

Gathering knowledge is great, but what is the point if you don't share it? Here's the side effect of my self inflicted curse: I have to teach what I know, somehow...

I've made a few attempts to teach about herbs before, but most people don't want to get involved with herbalism (even under its most simple form: folk medicine/grandmother remedies) because it requires time, reading, research, experimentation, patience, passion, and more... They expect a quick learning experience and fast results like popping a magic pill! We all know it doesn't work like that...

I don't know if it's the renewed & emerging Spring energy, a good timing or a token from the Spirits but I am now really driven and focused on teaching new classes that will blend herbs with nutrition, spirituality, energy healing and women's mysteries/the feminine divine.

I have a 3 part course already scheduled for May-June about The Path of the Wise Woman (I shall post the details of the classes next month). And I think I will have a first class on Shamanic Herbalism in the Fall, working with the introspective energy of the season (which happens to be my favorite).


hedgehermit said...

teach me! teach me! :::raises hand::: :-)

i try not to be jealous of the physical and the material but sometimes i can't help myself. usually i get jealous of other people's dream kitchens and attached gardens. what i would give for a conservatory...:::sigh:::

but i understand the knowledge thing. i've always loved learning new things but i have a bad memory and sometimes it gets really frustrating because i also tend to forget easily. :(

Alchemille said...

I totally understand the garden thing. I grew up in a townhouse with a little garden...Now I live in an appartment with a porch.
I got very depressed within a few months after moving to the appartment because there was no greenery; basically the porch was empty. Not it's covered with all sorts of pots and containers everywhere ;).

Take rosemary and/or gingko for memory ;).

Michelle said...

ooooo sounds delightful. Keep us posted on how it goes.

Alchemille said...

Thanks Michelle.
I have great hopes for the Wise Woman Course ;).
I just finished working on the flyer today...I gotta bring it to my friend's shop soon: the more people are aware of the class, the more students I can hope to have.
It's gonna be fun and I will post the details of the course on my blog soon (probably in a couple weeks or so).

Michelle said...

Well, if you were closer, or I was closer...FInding the right teacher can be a journey!~
Good Luck.

Alchemille said...

Thank you for your sweet words Michelle ;).



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