Thursday, March 18, 2010

French Baking...Gluten Free

As I have already said, I have...ahem...a fairly extensive collection of cookbooks (mostly gluten free). I was just flipping through my french cookbooks today and I noticed there was no xanthan gum nor guar gum anywhere (good! I don't use these anyway).

I also noticed that starches such as arrowroot where used only in small amounts (about 1-2 tbsp for 2 cups of flour or so)...Even better: no spongy nor starchy baked goods.

And I found a lot of dairy free and/or egg free recipes. To my surprise, there are no weird egg replacers and flax meal is rarely used.

So this proves that you can bake a tasty cake (and not a piece of cardboard) without gluten, starch, thickener, eggs or dairy products (I don't mind dairy products as long as they're made of raw milk, which I use to make my own yogurt).

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