Thursday, March 04, 2010

Candles & Bowls

I really enjoy working with clay. Besides its relaxing effect and sensuous touch, it seems to put me in a meditative state. I feel like a kid again; the world can stop turning, I'm happy.

I've been making a few Tribal Candles lately for a customer and figured that I also would like to offer the clay containers, without any wax. Just the plain, minimalistic clay bowls. I call them Paleo Bowls because, like the Tribal Candles, they spiritually reconnect me with the Past & the Ancestors.

I'm also working on scented candles. I won't be using essential oils (that's not my cup of tea nor my area of expertise) nor fragrance oils (I dislike anything unnatural). So I will be experimenting with herbs and resins. I also found naturally scented butters (with botanicals and/or essential oils) that I first need to test for candle making. I know people like scents. I also like scented things from time to time, as long as the scent is natural and not overpowering. We are already exposed daily to so many chemicals and synthetic scents, that I truly enjoy the smell of nothing!


Anonymous said...

Natural doesnt mean safer, as some essential oils can be harmful when burned. Plus they usually just dont do well in candles. I use synthetics in my candles (except my massage candles) because they are formulated to be burned. Gotta save the EO's for my soaps!

Your bowls are super cute! I tried to get into clay but kneading it really hurt my hands. I love how simple and earthy your designs are. Checking out your Etsy shop now...

Alchemille said...

I am allergic to synthethic scents.

The butters are cosmetic grade, I don't think they'd put too much EOs in them, plus they mainly infuse them with botanicals (peels, herbs...) which are cheaper than EOs anyway.



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