Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lilac Infused Oil

A few months ago while searching on the web about scented infused oils, I read the post of a lady who said she likes lilac infused oil...I thought that was a neat idea since I really like lilac.
I went to the farmers' market yesterday and was surprised to already find some fresh lilac branches. I didn't want to miss the opportunity to make my scented oil, especially since lilac season (at least if you don't grow your own) is short.
When making scented oil, you want to choose an unscented or lightly scented carrier oil that won't mask the scent of the flowers. I tightly packed my flowers in a glass jar and covered them with a blend of sunflower oil, sweet almond oil and extra virgin olive oil.
I will leave the jar in a sunny spot for 6 weeks (at least) and hopefully I'll be blessed with a wonderfully scented oil ;).
I'd like to try this experiment with tuberose flowers too (my florist carries them on a regular basis), they have a strong and somewhat sweet scent and I know that they are used in the perfume industry.


threadsofmagique said...

You've been tagged, you ar IT! I got tagged by madboodesigns. Come on over to me blog to see the game rules if you want to play.
By the ay, the lilac oil is a neat idea. I'll have to try some when my lilac blooms.

Alchemille said...

Thank you for tagging me. I appreciate the gesture...However, I do not wish to play the game.


Robert Shapiro said...

You're right, your blog is comfortable. I'll visit often.
Goodlife my friend,


Alchemille said...

Thank you for your kind words my friend...You'll always be welcome here.

Take care ;).

woodlandwanderings said...

You will have to post later on the results. I love lilac and have a huge bush right outside my kitchen window, but have never thought to make an oil from the flowers. As soon as it blooms I will try this also and we can compare notes.


Dana Cowan said...

Just wondering- as an infuser of many things myself, how is your lilac oil progressing? Here in Wisconsin the lilacs should be popping out soon-ish, and I was thinking to do the same experiment with their blossoms to use in a massage oil blend or just by itself!

Alchemille said...

Well it hasn't been 6 weeks yet so I haven't opened the jar nor strained the oil.
I have a feeling that a second infusion might be needed (for a stronger scent) and if it's the case, I'm afraid that I might not be able to get some more lilac at the farmers' market.

LauraK86 said...

I was searching to find a way to make lilac oil, and found your blog to be very informational. Since reading this I have been inspired to make my own with Jojoba oil (which is still in process). Was yours a success?

Thank you,

KingsLight said...

could you tell me what is the ratio of oils that you are using? My Lilac bush just bloomed and I am looking to make some oil.

Alchemille said...

The ratio of oils is totally up to you. I can choose to use 1 oil or a blend...As long as the jar is filled to the top.

I posted an update on the oil:

Anonymous said...

i have heard or read that when you infuse oil with herbs, the herbs should be dried not fresh because they can mold & spoil.

so use care when sampling.

I hope it turns out well, but if it doesn't this time, next time, dry them 1st.

I missed the early lilacs, which are already gone here in N. MeHenry County, IL, but the mid-spring lilacs are already blooming.

I am going to make lilac vinegar, infused oil, infused vinegar AND lilac extract if I can figure out how.

I'll come back & let you know how they turn out.


P.S. PRAYER REQUEST to Christians who visit: My niece Aubrey Sacco has been missing along the Langtang trek in Nepal for a month. Her dad & brother joined the search just today.

Alchemille said...

You can infuse oils w/ fresh plant material as long as it's not wet/humid (some people let their plants wilt a little) otherwise yes the oil will spoil.
My infused oil didn't turn out great. Didn't like the smell (maybe I chose the wrong oils).
You might be more lucky with vinegar (I think that doing a vinegar-rosewater mix might be a good idea..At least something I'd try).


Alchemille said...

To answer some questions I've been asked about the lilac oil, my 2nd infusion didn't turn out well. My guess is that the flowers were too moist. It would have been better to let them "wilt" a little first...



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