Monday, November 17, 2008

Natural Exfoliation

I just finished knitting my first exfoliating glove for the body. I've been inspired by Moroccan body care with my own twist (read the benefits under my listing). This one is made of jute, but I plan on using other natural fibers such as hemp, nettle, linen or sisal. And maybe make travel size ones as well.

I'd like to make gentle facial gloves too. Some people can't use even the most gentle face masks because their skin is so sensitive. I found some very soft cotton that I think would be just perfect for this project.

I also plan on knitting eco-friendly bags using the same natural fibers: they have the advantage to be natural, sturdy, long-lasting and biodegradable!


The Plant Whisperer said...

Hi Dear! Just wanted to share a tidbit with you - I've made some of these myself (very fun) and the hemp really seems the best because the other regular twines like jute and sisal rot/mold really fast after being wet in the shower. Try them out for a bit before you sell them to see what lasts. XOXO -ananda

Alchemille said...

I use them dry on a dry skin and recommend that people do the same thing...They won't rot and will last longer until they wear off.



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