Sunday, August 10, 2008

Preparing for the Fall...

This Summer, we've had a cooler weather than usual here by the Coast in Southern California (which didn't surprised me, since I had been told so by the Spirits a couple months ago), therefore my summer plants have been growing slower and I hope to harvest my zucchinis, fennel bulbs, ice beans and tomatoes in the Fall (1 of them is a Black Zebra tomato, a variety enjoying cool weather anyway).

I've already felt the first signs of the Fall, slowly but surely moving in. The light, the temperatures, the leaves...Are all hints of its yet discreet presence. I have started my Fall gardening a few weeks ago with lots of leafy greens (lascinato rainbow kale, purple peacock broccoli, collards, swiss chards, epinard (spinach) monstrueux de Villofray), carrots (white Belgian and jaune du Doubs) and other root vegetables (parsley root, white & bull's blood beets). My purslane and arugula are taking their time to grow, while my stinging nettle is thriving.

Also mentioned in my Otherworldly local weather forecast for the few months to come (besides the short and cooler Summer) were the early arrival of the Fall, cooler temperatures (probably even a sudden drop) mid-September to October and and even cooler (I can even say colder) Winter than last year (and possibly some snow). So far the predictions have been correct and the weathermen have reviewed their yearly online forecast/predictions which are now confirming what I've been told.

This is going to be interesting...I have a feeling that the sweet lemons I'm growing will be very useful this Winter!

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coriander said...

It's been a different kind of Summer, that's for sure. Here in Oregon the tomatoes are ripening later and the spiders are smaller than usual. It will be interesting to see what kind of winter we have.



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