Friday, August 08, 2008

More Food for Thought: Living a Shamanic Lifestyle...

...Which makes even more sense now that we are ALL going through rough times.

  • "Engage in anti-consumerism: purchase only products that fulfill vital needs and avoid shopping as a simple escape to life.
  • Have a minimum of personal property and reduce the number of possessions to maintain a low material standard of living.
  • Cherish old, well-kept things that still serve well, rather than admiring and purchasing new things just because they are new.
  • Develop a career that makes a meaningful contribution to life, rather than just "making a living".
  • Participate in and appreciate activities and lifestyles that do not blatantly disrespect or take advantage of fellow human beings or the natural world.
  • Live in nature as opposed to merely visiting beautiful, overcrowded tourist destinations, such as national parks.
  • Develop a feeling of responsibility toward local ecosystems.
  • Purchase locally grown or raised food, or grow/raise your own."

From "Ecoshamanism - Sacred Practices of Unity, Power & Earth Healing" by James Endredy

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