Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Crafty Wednesdays: Knitting Project

This is my first knitting project using looms. I'm not following any specific instructions or patterns, just what I have in hand: old yarns! These are made of acrylic (I usually only use natural fibers but since this is my first try with loom knitting, if it doesn't come out right it won't be such a big deal): a light beige one with a mohair-like feel and a dark chocolate one (a blend of wool & acrylic).

Since I didn't know if I'd have enough yarn for a big project, I decided to keep it simple and reasonable so I'm making a short sleeve beige sweater with dark brown stripes.
Loom knitting seems pretty easy, straight forward and fast. The instructions about how to start, knit and finish are pretty clear...Except that I chose the double knit and that the finishing instructions for this type of knit weren't very obvious. But I came up with a solution of my own ;).

Of course a double knit requires more time and more yarn but I think that for this type of yarn it was the right choice, so far it looks very pretty. I'm still working on the sleeves (in beige only) with the small straight loom, which are basically 2 scarves. Then I'll use the big straight loom and will knit 2 rectangles (front and back) with both the beige and brown yarns to create large stripes. Even though loom knitting is relatively fast, it still takes time to make something. I expect another 2-3 weeks to finish my project. Naturally this is a simple design. Once I get more comfortable with the basics, I can try augmenting and decreasing the stitches and learn about more complex stitches as well.

I recycled some suede & crochet flowers in various shades of brown from an old sweater and I'd like to turn them into brooches (reinforced with black felt on the back). I think these would look great with my sweater ;).

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