Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On the Selfishness & Heartlessness of People

I don't know why people are living in a bubble with blinders. They refuse to see the pain, the suffering, the hunger, the disease and the distress of people and animals around them.
What are they so afraid of: germs or emotional binding?
What scares me the most is to see that children are getting cold and disconnected from the world, immune to everything that makes them children: curiosity, hunger for knowledge, joy of living, compassion, empathy...etc
I'd like to hope that hard times would bring something else than the darkest out of people...

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Anonymous said...

No the majority of children are run through the meatgrinder of daycare first and then public schooling. Many of them don't make it out with their empathy, emotions, and natural selflessness intact.

You just have to look for them, the loving fairy children, they are still there, just in smaller numbers. SOmetimes you can help the others remember, though that's a more involved process...

Do not despair.

Blessed Be.



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