Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nut & Grain Milk Books...

I recommend these 3 helpful books for those who wish to make their own non-dairy milks:

  • "Milk Recipes from Nuts & Seeds" by Edith V. Edwards

A basic book for the purist, includes gluten free grains (such as millet, quinoa and rice) too. For each nut/seed/grain, there is a Nutritional Analysis. The book also includes recipes for Fruit & Nut Pulp Spreads as well as Nut & Seed Pulp Loaves and Patties.

  • "Not Milk...Nut Milks!" by Candia Lea Cole

This book is more of a gourmet recipe book with 40 different recipes (no grains in this one) including hints, tips, health benefits and nutritional tidbits. You'll find mouth watering recipes such as "Sweet Pear and Pine Nut Milk", "Apple Ginger Almond Milk" and "Caramel Date Pecan Milk" just to name a few...

  • "Laits et Yaourts Végétaux Faits Maison" by Anne Brunner

This book is in French and I don't think it's been translated in English. The title means "Homemade non-dairy milks and yogurts" using nuts, grains and seeds raw, cooked, as flours/farinas, as nut butters and even as instant drinks. Recipes also explain how to make non-dairy cheeses, creams, mock fromage blanc and whipped cream. A good part of the book's recipes involves soy products and how to make them (milk, yogurt, tofu...). Other recipes include spreads, desserts, smoothies and sorbets/ice creams.

Have fun, enjoy and be healthy!

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