Friday, February 22, 2008


I just made a new batch of soap using a different method that the one I used before. Well...Less ingedients involved and the result already seems better but the real test will be once the soap is completely dry ;)...Can't wait to try it: orange blossom & goat milk. I will turn to a real bath tub goddess ;).

I have offered a few natural soaps on Etsy but for some reason they are just not popular. I'm sure it's because I don't use artifical bubblegummy scents and colorings. Sorry! My soap are ALL natural. No artifical smell and no artificial anything for that matter...

I admit that I don't make soap the old-fashioned way with lye...I don't have the will nor the space to do that, and quite frankly I'm trying to minimalize exposure to chemicals. We are already exposed to so many dangerous substances (most of them unknowingly) on a daily basis.

But I used quality shredded soap for rebatching. I like Chelsea's Soap Garden, they have a good choice, whether you want plain soap, with added milk or shea butter, I'm sure you can find something to your likings. I just finished the goat milk soap (that I recommend) and I'm waiting to get the coconut milk one delivered, I read that it gives a good lather.

Anyway, I basically only make soap for my own use. But I will still mention it in my next newsletter, just in case somebody is interested in giving it a try. The shredded soap I used is made of saponified oils with goat milk to which I added food grade orange blossom water, homemade fresh calendula oil, orange blossom honey and a touch of benzoin tincture (besides its healing properties, it has a nice vanilla-like scent).

I just have to wait a few weeks for it to dry. Hopefully the weather will become dryer soon (this is really helpful when you make soap or incense).

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