Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Being in Tune with Your Body

I've always been petite and thin and I've always enjoyed eating healthy, natural and nutritious foods...Even as a child.

About 1 year ago, I noticed I started gaining weight. I haven't made drastic changes in my diet so I didn't understand why. Of course there's the stress factor and I could use more exercise, at least to get the chi flowing and the circulation going, plus I enjoy walking in Nature.

So a couple days ago, I really wanted to get to the bottom of the problem and find the root cause of it...And that's when I got a clue. I am intuitive/sensitive in nature and I'm also in tune with my body. I used to buy multigrain bread every week at the farmers market until 1 year ago, when the lady who selled my bread didn't come back again. So I had to buy bread from another man who pretty much only sells white and rye breads...Which was frustrating since I like whole grain breads so much better.

Since these breads are made of refined flours, I figured this had something to due with the gluten which is a starch that later transforms into sugar and fat. I also observed on a few occasions some digestive disorders and bloating.

So in an effort to figure this all out and confirm my suspicions, I grabbed my trusty pendulum and started what I'd call a self dignosis...It was like having a conversation with my body through the pendulum.

As it turned out, I have to stay away from refined grains and flours such as wheat, rye (which is an acidic grain anyway) and triticale (a hybrid between wheat and rye)...I also checked all other grain, nut and legume flours that I know of, and soy flour as well as chickpea flour were added to my black list.

But I can eat whole grains (including whole and ancient wheats) and gluten free grains which are more nutritious, wholesome and rich in protein, plus they keep the glycemia in check. So I'm back to square one with what has always worked fine for me and what I enjoy eating anyway...

Conclusion: your body knows what's right for you, so follow your dietary intuitions ;).


Hedgewitch said...

Don't know if this site might be useful? I bookmarked it the other day, as my sister's new boyfriend is coeliac.


I'm right with you on listening to our bodies. Unfortunately, mine has occasionally had to shout quite loudly to get my attention.. strongly believe our bodies know what they need, and are trying to let us know :-)

Alchemille said...

Thanks for sharing hedgewitch...I will check it out.

Coeliac Disease is indeed linked to food allergies. Sometimes it's genetical.

hedge hermit said...

"your body knows what's right for you" - this is so true. except i am bad and tend not to listen. i know what i should and shouldn't be eating but many times, i just don't follow it. i'm trying to change that. i LOVE whole wheat though so eating healthily was never the problem. my trouble is portion control. i swear, i'm missing a gene or something because i can eat a whole watermelon in one sitting. :-)

Alchemille said...

Hedge Hermit, I read recently that sometimes when we experience hunger, it can be because we need to rehydrate ourselves and our body is telling us that we don't drink enough.
There are the good cravings (your body telling you that you need or lack something) and the bad cravings (like sweet tooth) though.
Try drinking more nourishing herbal infusions and eat more wholesome foods.
When I'm a little hungry (and I have a tendency to hypoglycemia), I try to eat a fruit, a yogurt or even an instant oatmeal...It seems to work.
I like your blog...Can't wait to see it grow ;).



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