Wednesday, March 21, 2007

TWWC celebrates the Spring...

We've been waiting patiently for the Spring to come back with its garlands of green and flowers buds, the first fairies frolicking in the garden and the happy songs of the birds...

Some of us wanted to celebrate this magical time of the year with some special creations that I'm glad to introduce here:

-Lacey, our newest and youngest member, from threepaws created a wonderful beaded necklace on a satin-edged organza ribbon that she named "Spring Fling".

-Rick and Heidi from ParadiseHillDesigns made a pine keepsake box with a wood burned butterfly as well as a beautiful blue eyes grass birch wood pendant. They use reclaimed wood that they collect locally for their creations. A wonderful example of natural art and jewelry.

-Charlotte from AwakeningMoon created a set of 69 printed inspiration cards wrapped in a beaded organza bag. These cards may be used to nurture yourself and to help you in your growth and development. They make a great gift idea too.

-Raven from TeaAndCauldron mades a tea shrine art tin...Open the tin and you'll meet the Tea Fairy herself! A good way to ensure growth, abundance and prosperity to your home and your garden :).

-Night from ShaktiStudios made a Jade and Crystal Quartz Necklace. Another incredible piece worth wearing by the Queen of Fairies herself. It has a pure, refined and crystalline look.

-Griselda from awesomeart made three spring inspired shamanic dolls. You'll find the Wild Moon Equinox Spirit Doll, the White Birch Spring Equinox Doll and the Spring Equniox Moon Goddess Doll. These dolls are very inspiring and may help you on your spiritual path.

-Maggie from MugwortMaggies wants to turn your home into a rose garden :). She created a Wild Rose Laundry Soap. A good way to turn your laundry task into a pleasant and fun time.


-I always enjoy a good cup of tea and the Spring brings plethora of good herbs and flowers. I created 3 teas for the occasion: "Morning by the Countryside" which is a caffeine-free herbal blend which wakes you up gently in the morning but can also be enjoyed any time of the day, "Faery Magick Tea" which is a wild herbal and floral blend for those who seek to contact the Fairies and a "Wild Chai", where weeds meet spices and which is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals.

Thank you for browsing and enjoy!

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