Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nomadic Lights

The idea was lingering in a corner of my mind for months because I couldn't find the time to develop the actual product...But what was just an idea has now become real!

It may not have an incredible look but I'm proud of that product. I think I've manage to capture the essence of the Ancestors and a glimpse of their life style through these candles and that's what I wanted. I've been inspired by ancient terracotta oil lamps uncovered from various archaeological sites around the Mediterranean, which were once part of the Roman Empire.

I make these candles with red clay, olive butter, unrefined beeswax and biodegradable cotton twine. I like them as natural as can be, but I know some people like fragrances so I offer the make them scented as well.

I've already listed my Nomadic Lights on Etsy and plan on adding them as permanent item in my catalog and on my website.

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