Monday, March 26, 2007

Alchemille's Garden Spring News #1

Spring brings a wind of change, novelty and improvement...

About novelties, I have listed 3 new teas on Etsy (2 of them are currently Etsy Exclusives):

-Morning by the Countryside is a caffeine-free herbal blend that can help you wake up gently in the morning

-Faery Magick tea is a very springy and spiritual blend...For those seeking to connect with Fairies :)


-Grandma's Favorite that I created with my grandmother's favorite herbs and to help her in my own way. It's a very tasty and special blend. If you wish to find out more:

I also added (on Etsy and on ny website) 3 natural deodorants the "Wise Woman Deos". 1 is available unscented and the 2 others are scented with organic perfumes oils (essential oils in a blend of jojoba and grapeseed oils).

You can choose from Goddess Spirit with sweet lavender, ylang-ylang, rose attar, roman chamomile and sweet marjoram or Nature Spirit with sandalwood, lavender, cypress, cedarwood, fir needle, sweet marjoram and sage.

In the face and body care section, I removed the Featherlight Lotion (I will only add it occasionally on Etsy) and added a 100% natural Wise Woman del Morocco Face Cream with Moroccan Argan Oil and I am currently working on a Crème de Sultane...:)

I am still switching from fragrance oils to perfume oils and am currently selecting some luxurious, exotic and alluring perfume oils for you, bellydancers, sultanas, wise women and goddesses to enjoy.

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