Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Choosing Healthy Foods now called a Mental Disorder



mamaof4 said...

Why is it that everytime someone chooses to go against the mainstream they have a mental problem? Just this weekend we were at a picnic and I was told I was going to make my kids neurotic because I read the lable on the so called "juice" that someone was giving to them. My husband politly declined it and said we brought our own that is organice, wtih out HFCS. Apparently I am not allowing my kids to enjoy being kids because of such things! Little did I know that drinking Kool Aid was what made me enjoy being a kid.But that's ok, bc I have also been told I am going to give them social anxiety dissorder because I homeschool. Anything that isn't "normal" makes you mental I guess. The crazy thing to me though is how little I have had to take my kids to the Dr for anything other than a well child visit as opposed to most "normal" people I know.

Alchemille said...

I know how hard it is to not follow the herd...You are a good mother, trying to raise your kids the best possible way.
You should be proud of it.
Follow your intuition and hold on to your knowledge (which is also your strength) and your common sense; don't listen to these people!



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