Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On Giving a 2nd (or 3rd) Life to Clothes...

About 7 years ago (I believe during my first few months in California), I bought this hand knit sleeveless jacket in a thrift shop. It is made of a mottled beige wool with wooden buttons. Nothing funky but I always appreciate the time & love spent on knitting or sewing a handmade piece. And this jacket has served me well...It used to be a little too large but the washing machine did its magic and now it fits perfectly ;).
Anyway after 7 years I thought it was time for a little revamping. Where most people would see a boring, uninteresting and/or ugly piece, I see potential and that's why I bought it.
So today I've sewn a few crocheted flowers recycled from an old sweater and added a few buttons as you can see on the picture. My jacket already looks more folksy ;)!
I have some leftover brownish cashmere fabric (that I had bought a few years ago to make my husband a sweater) and plan on making a couple "butterfly" sleeves for my jacket.
To be continued...

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