Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year, New Cream(s)

In everything I do, I try to be as close and true to Nature as I can be.

I'm currently going through a rewilding and ancestral phase that would be too hard to explain here because it's mostly something I feel in my heart & soul...Sometimes there are just NO words. I'm also studying, rediscovering and remembering a few things.

Anyway, after the Wise Woman products, I thought it was time to please the Wild Women too with a line of creams herbally infused with ethically wildcrafted herbs. Some of these herbs are carefully picked by me since there are local herbs and are not easy to find.

I'm pleased to introduce my Ancient Forest Cream, infused with Western Evergreens' trimmings such as Douglas Fir, Siskiyou Cedar, Western Juniper and Redwood. The formulation is slightly different than for my other creams: I added organic virgin coconut oil (for more details see my listing).

There will be more wild items soon...;)

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