Friday, January 09, 2009

Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags

I have lots of fabrics at home, some of them I brought back from France. When I was still working in the fashion and textile industry, I used to buy fabrics just because they were pretty. I thought I could always figure something to make out of them.

Sewing projects for yourself (or should I say your wardrobe), your interior and friends or family are always fun. But sometimes you just wish to do something that counts. Something that doesn't harm the environment.

It is often in the poorest countries that people are the most creative. They take something that would be considered junk for other people and with a few tools, a little craftsmanship and some imagination, they give it a second life.

I love the whole creative process and especially thinking outside of the box. Experimenting with non-conformist ideas, transforming, customizing, even ill-treating a fabric (only if necessary) to make something new, personal and beautiful in its own way.

I don't like waste...Especially when it's harmful to the environment. That's why I decided to recycle some of my fabrics and turn them into snack/lunch bags. The difference is that paper bags are often used once then thrown in the trash and put to recycle. People often forget that paper comes from trees. And the whole paper recycling process uses a lot of energy, therefore it's not very eco-friendly.
My fabric lunch bags on the other hand are washable, reusable, durable, biodegradable thus eco-friendly. I plan on making tote bags and shopping bags with the same fabrics. I also make Textile Scrap Yarns ;).


docwitch said...

Great job! These are a brilliant idea...

Alchemille said...

Thanks ;).
I just hope that for people, going green means more than just following a trend...

comfrey cottages said...

you are right alchemille! not a trend but a complete lifestyle change and also, most importantly, to be teaching our children in our lives that to be green is the way to be in all things! i love your lunch bags! i pack my granddaughter lily's lunch daily as her school does not have meals to offer vegetarians or even organics! i am going to let her pick out one of your bags for her birthday! we won't discard her old lunchbox, but maybe give it another use like crayon holder or something! thanks for help peeps go green! hugs

Alchemille said...

Thank you for your kind words...I'll be making more lunch bags soon.
I would be thrilled to have your granddaughter use one of my bags ;).



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