Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Small Harvest of Green Oats


Kiva Rose said...

Oooh, how pretty! Did you dry them for infusions or tincture them or?

I have a bit in my garden, and I dearly wish the critters would quit eating mine.

Alchemille said...

I have hung them to dry for infusions...This was such a mini harvest (though I still have a few more to cut) that I don't think I would have enough to a tincture anyway (or maybe a 1 or 2 oz tincture).

My main form of medicine has always been tea and infusions anyway ;).

Maybe you should try some companion planting to keep the critters away. Calendula is supposed to ward off a lot of bugs.

Kiva Rose said...

LOL, except that the calendula gets eaten too :) they even eat the bitter plants like motherwort and the aromatics like sage.

so far, i have the best luck with nightshade type plants like ashwagandha, no one seems to like those... yet.

this is not great gardening country, and i'm just pleased to have so many wild plants to harvest.

Alchemille said...

Are you sure you're not dealing with a whole bunch of hungry caterpillars?
I had a lot of those on my little porch last...They ate a little bit of everything (and they do love calendula, carrot tops and aromatics). But I've noticed that stayed away from the tomatoes.
Since butterfly are getting less common nowadays, I let them have their feast and moved some away from the plants I was trying to protect.
I counted between 12 and 15 butterflies that hatched on my porch (day and night ones)...It almost felt like a butterfly nursery ;).



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