Saturday, May 17, 2008

June's Blog Party...

...Will be hosted by me ;)

The theme is "Cooling Herbs for the Summer" (I think we are all looking forward to good tips and great recipes).

The deadline is June 15th.

Submit your posts on the Herbwifery Forum or send me an email (with your name please).


Hedgewitch said...

I'll try to put something together for this, Alchemille :-)

Alchemille said...

Great! I'm looking forward to reading your post ;).

Rowanleaf said...

Thank you for the invite to this too Alchemille, I am happy to contribute some info/recipes for cooling herbs of summer! Please let me know where I need to submit any info to. Have a beautiful day! Joanna

Alchemille said...

Joanna, either you submit your post on the Herbwifery Forum (I gave the link) or you send me an email.
I'd be very happy to read about your herbal concoctions ;).



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